How To Prevent Prostatitis In Winter? Simple But Useful Tips For You

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The weather is getting cold and the winter is coming. You know, winter is the season when many diseases appear frequently. As for male friends, they are more afraid of the occurrence of prostatitis.
When it turns cold, the human sympathetic nerves are easily excited when caught cold, which can make the prostate gland being contracting. At the same time, blood vessels can also double expand and cause chronic congestion, which will lead to increased pressure in the urethra.

In severe cases, urine reflux can occur, which can bring the bacteria back. In general, prostatic fluid needs to be discharged by ejaculation and urination. But abnormal urine flow will make the prostatic fluid stuck in the prostate gland. So the prostatitis can easily reoccur.
Like human being, the sympathetic nerve doesn't like cold weather, and the prostate gland is actually fond of warmth while afraid of cold. So it is necessary to keep the local environment warm in the prostate gland, which can lower the pressure on the prostate gland and the tubes. When the blood vessels, organs and muscles get warm, blood circulation in the body can be smoother, to avoid prostatic congestion that causes prostatitis.
On the one hand, the prostate gland can be affected by cold weather. On the other hand, people sweat less in winter, so they seems to drink less water. And due to the influence of cold air, people are more likely to curl up in sofa or in bed. Being lazy is common when the temperature gets down. So many people don't want to do any sports, and even urinating at night is a challenge to them due to the cold weather. These problems can make the body resistance poor and make male friends unable to resist bacteria invasion.
Besides cold, what else is there in winter? The answer is hotpot. To get warm, eating hotpot is many male friends' favorite. But doctors often suggest that patients with prostatitis should avoid alcohol, tobacco and spicy food. Eating hotpot too often can seriously stimulate the prostate gland and cause congestion. So it is no wonder that the prostatitis recurs.
Hence, how to prevent prostatitis in winter?
The first thing to do is to keep warm. In particular, keeping the perineum and lower abdomen warm and dry is necessary. Besides, patients with prostatitis can massage the private part with a warm water bag before going to bed. They can also take a hot sitz to relieve pelvic muscle tension.
Don't sit in cold chairs outside, especially on the bus or subway or in the park. The same is true in the office, and it's better to prepare a soft cushion for leaning on. And also remember, don't sit for too long or hold back the urine too often. Doing more exercise is always helpful. And in winter, working out is warming up.
As for diet, male friends are suggested to eat warm foods. Soy products and milk can increase cold resistance. If you're not diabetic, eating moderate amounts of chocolate and high protein foods is suggested, which can also be good for keeping your body warm.
For patients with prostatitis, getting treated in time is also important. If left untreated for too long, it will turn into chronic prostatitis. In general, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a useful option for male friends, which has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and protecting male prostate health. It is safe with no side effects, so patients can take it securely.

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