How To Relieve Pain Caused By Bacterial Prostatitis? Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Work?

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Clinically, an acute bacterial prostatitis is frequently seen as a part of acute urinary infection which involves the prostate gland and then should be considered as a serious systemic infection. The pathogenesis is mostly spontaneous. 
Doctor point out that the typical presentations of bacterial prostatitis include painful urination, frequent and urgent urination, fever, intense perineal pain, and stimulating or obstructive voiding symptoms, and so on, barely evolving into the urinary retention. Doctor add that accompanying orchitis and the presence of a prostate abscess are likewise possible complications.

When it comes to the physical examination, it should include palpation of the abdomen to exclude the urinary retention and other factors related to the abdominal pain, and a gentle digital rectal test. Usually, on palpation the prostate gland can be described as a hot, tender, and swollen organ.
It is common to realize that male patients with chronic prostatitis who have had multiple antibiotic treatment, while without a positive bacterial culture. As a matter of fact, this is a very commonly used therapy for many physicians. Perhaps this is because of the faith that a very unknown causative approach may have a great role in solving patients' symptoms.
It is need to note that when sufferers do have identifiable bacteria in the prostatic fluid and presence of chronic prostatitis, antibiotics may not able to be effective in clearing these bacteria and solving symptoms, particularly painful symptoms and sexual abnormal symptoms. In these researches, the improvement ratio have not reached 65% in patients with these therapies.
On the flip side, many patients have attempted the tradition Chinese medicine, which seems to work well on bacterial prostatitis. Doctor point out that the traditional Chinese medicine therapy offers the opportunity to directly deal with the infected bladder with rare unwanted side effects. As an important and typical example of traditional medicine, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is widely applied around the world at present.
This is a pure Chinese medicine with great herbal ingredients, which can help patients better solve inflammation and kill bacteria and viruses. It can effectively improve the blood circulation and enhance the body resistance of males. It is working on the whole urogenital system in males, so it can achieve great effects on improving the male health.
What’s more, with the growing popularity of traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed to compensate for the deficiencies of chemical medicine. It has been reported that the patients experienced long-lasting are relieved from chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or bacterial prostatitis after one to three courses of treatment of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.So you can surely count on it for your fitness.

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