Five Hazards Of Prostatitis Emerge If Left Untreated

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If you get sick, you have to be treated. But not everyone shares this awareness. Many diseases are not serious problems at the beginning, but because the patients do not pay attention to the body care, making a certain disease continue to grow, and eventually leading to the existence of a badly refractory disease.
Take the prostatitis for example. It is a problem that is very common in men, but not every male with prostatitis is aware of the importance of early treatment, thus leading to the emergence of chronic prostatitis. If left untreated, there are five hazards of prostatitis you may inevitably experience.

1. Have huge mental stress.
Long-term prostatitis will make the human immunity decreased significantly, and increase the chance of infection, bringing psychological and economic burden to patients. All of these will form huge mental stress on males.
2. Affect the male sexual function.
Chronic prostatitis will lead to sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation and impotence. Due to the lack of timely treatment, various symptoms and discomfort will be aggravated after sexual life, which directly affect the sexual life quality and feeling. This is actually a malignant stimulation, which manifests as men being sick of sexual life and avoiding sex on purpose.
3. Pass the infection onto the females.
If men have bacterial prostatitis, the main bacteria and viruses may get into the females' vagina through the sexual contact, making females suffer from some gynecological inflammations like pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, it is need to use condoms whenever you have sex and whoever you have sex with.
4. Induce chronic nephritis and uremia.
When the infection gets worse, it may lead to the breakout of chronic nephritis and uremia. Because prostatitis will lead to prostatic hyperplasia and cause pressure on the bladder outlet so that urine can not be completely emptied, leading to residual urine. If this is the case, it will be easy to breed bacteria, leading to urinary tract infection, and then it will develop into uremia.

5. Lead to male infertility.
If left untreated, the chronic prostatitis will affect the composition of prostatic fluid gradually. As you may know, the main nutrients of sperm come from prostatic fluid, and once the composition of prostatic fluid is destroyed, the male sperm will be prone to stunted development, resulting in sperm death and lack, and thus leading to male infertility.
To sum up, if you are diagnosed with prostatitis, you need to get treated without hesitation. The good news in today’s society is that you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get your problems solved well and completely. This is a pure Chinese medicine that is only made from herbal ingredients that are natural and harmless. So the pill is rather safe.
Due to its great effects on eliminating inflammations, relieving pain and improving immunity, it has been widely accepted by patients at home and abroad. If needed, the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be your first option.

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