Why Some Patients with Severe Hemorrhoids Will Infect Prostatitis?

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As we all know, hemorrhoids are related to long-term constipation, drinking, eating too hot or sitting for a long time. Some people have already paid attention to it , but they are still recurrent or aggravating hemorrhoids. In some serious cases, it can even cause prostatitis.
Many people may wonder, hemorrhoids is digestive tract disease, and prostatitis is a urinary system disease. How can the two diseases be related together? This is because the human body is a whole, and different parts are linked to each other. Anal and prostate are closely located, and hemorrhoids attack may cause prostate inflammation as they are nearly located. The person with prostatitis and urinates difficulty may increase abdominal pressure and oppress rectum vein. In a long-term, it can cause congestion dilation, thus forming hemorrhoids.

For hemorrhoids, patients need to balance the diet and eat more fibrous food; Do more exercise can regulate Qi and blood circulation, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation, so as to prevent hemorrhoids. In addition, patients can improve local anal blood circulation by self-massage. Patients can consciously upward contraction of the anus, 50 ~ 100 times per day. Patients can exercise an anal sphincter, improve hemorrhoid venous return, which may be helpful for the prevention of hemorrhoids and self-treatment.
Hemorrhoids are caused by prostate problems and long-term dysuria, which will increase abdominal pressure. The occurrence of blood reflux disorders of rectal vein congestion and expansion will form hemorrhoids. If you want to treat hemorrhoids, it's useless to stick hemorrhoids ointment alone. You need to take measures in both ways to treat it together with peristalsis. With good prostate, hemorrhoids problem can be solved naturally. 
For prostatitis treatment, antibiotics are often adopted during the acute period. And herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more recommended when men are suffering from chronic prostatitis. It can penetrate the prostate to reduce inflammation without causing harm to the body and help patients get rid of chronic prostatitis effectively and completely
Patients should consider the possibility of long pelvic tumor, and take corresponding daily measures:
1. Hot water sitz bath can improve local blood circulation and relieve local itching of hemorrhoids. In the daily diet, patients need to increase the fiber diet, change the bad defecation habits such as reading books and newspapers on the toilet. If patients can keep their bowels open, they do not need other special treatment. 
2. In addition, excessive salt will make the body fluid stagnate in the circulatory system, resulting in anal and other areas of venous uplift, making the disease worse; Eat barbecue and other high-fat, high protein food can make stool excretion slow, result in constipation and make hemorrhoids worse; Eat fried food and other indigestible food will also lead to constipation, so that rectal varices, causing hemorrhoids recurrence.
In conclusion, it can be seen that the prostate and anus are closely related, a little careless will be trapped in the embarrassment of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids seriously affect our lives. If you want to get rid of those troubles, you should keep good living habits, keep a regular diet, eat more fruits, and eat less spicy food. Stay healthy, and start from yourself!
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