Pumpkin Seeds: An Auxiliary Role In Prostatitis Treatment

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Prostatitis is a common urinary system disease. Patients will have clinical symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination, difficulty urinating, chills, fever, fatigue, pain, and abnormal urination. Suffering from prostatitis must be treated promptly. The treatment of prostatitis must firstly choose antibacterial treatment. In addition to drugs, some foods in life also have a good auxiliary therapeutic effect.
Pumpkin seeds are the seeds of the Cucurbita squash in the Cucurbitaceae family. It has the functions of invigorating the middle and replenishing Qi, reducing inflammation and pain, detoxification and killing insects. It is rumored on the Internet that pumpkin seeds can treat prostatitis. Is this true? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

Studies have shown that when men lack zinc in their blood, the prostate will enlarge and proliferate. Under normal circumstances, the content of zinc in the prostate is higher than that in other organs of the human body. This is because the synthesis of male androgen requires the mineral zinc. 
Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc, which is good for skin and nail health. The antioxidant β-carotene contained in pumpkin seeds has the effect of protecting the eyes and heart. It can also eliminate the mutation of nitrite amine and prevent the appearance of cancer cells. Therefore, eating a handful of pumpkin seeds every day can avoid prostate hypertrophy and improve sexual function. Therefore, pumpkin seeds can help the prevention of early prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis.
Pumpkin polysaccharide contained in pumpkin seeds is a non-specific immune enhancer. It can improve the body's immune function and promote cytokines. Therefore, eating more pumpkin seeds can enhance physical fitness and fight cancer cells. 
In addition to eating more zinc-containing foods, patients can also eat more walnuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, beef, grapes, pineapples, watermelons, tomatoes and other foods in their diets. These foods are both rich in zinc and a lot of water. This will increase the patient's urine output. Patients usually need to develop good habits, pay attention to genital hygiene, go to bed early, get up early, sit shortly, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, and don't eat spicy food.
But from the efficacy aspect, pumpkin seeds do not affect treating prostatitis. There are many treatment methods for prostatitis, and pumpkin seeds can only play an auxiliary role. 
In summary, eating more pumpkin seeds for prostatitis patients is excellent for body recovery. Pumpkin seeds are a good leisure food and are very beneficial to the human body. However, pumpkin seeds do not have a clear therapeutic effect on prostatitis, and cannot replace drugs for treatment. 
If you want to treat prostatitis, you must choose appropriate drugs for treatment. For example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat prostatitis. It will not cause side effects and drug resistance. For severely ill patients,  they still have to go to a regular hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay treatment.
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