Eating Spicy Food And Drinking Alcohol Have A Big Impact On Prostate

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The high incidence of prostate disease, which has a younger trend, is greatly associated with people's living habits. Among them, eating habits take the main blame for it.
Doctors warn that eating spicy food and drinking alcohol can have a big impact on the prostate health.
Green onion, raw garlic, pepper, and other stimulating foods can cause vascular dilation and organ congestion, reduce the resistance of the prostate, and may let the bacteria exist in the prostate to grow and multiply, thus inducing acute prostatitis, or aggravating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. You hardly control your mouth, and fail to stay away from spicy food, which is an important cause of some people's prostatitis recurrence.


On the other side, when a person drinks alcohol, it will be slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and travel to all parts of the body. Prostate is a very sensitive organ to alcohol, and alcohol stimulation will be excited, causing local capillaries to rapidly dilate and leading to congestion, so that the cell edema can occur.
The higher the blood alcohol level is, the more the prostate is swollen. If the swelling does not release and gets relaxed for a long time, it will cause symptoms of prostatitis.
So it is essential for you to improve the daily diet. You should absorb legume food more. Soy products have very big preventive effect to prostate disease, and they are low in fat and high in fiber, which plays an important role in preventing prostate cancer.
For example, tofu, soybean powder, soy milk are effective in preventing prostate cancer food. Besides, researchers found that men who ate the most cooked tomato products had the lowest rates of prostate cancer. So tomato is also a good option for you.
Besides diet, your sexual life should also be in control. Frequent sexual life with no regular rhythm can easily lead to excessive congestion of the prostate gland, thus leading to inflammation.

On the contrary, if there is excessive abstinence, it will lead to excessive enlargement and congestion of the prostate gland, which also leads to the occurrence of prostatitis. So, developing a scientific view of sexual life is important.
Also importantly, you should get treated in time if you are surely diagnosed with prostatitis. In the acute period, antibiotic treatment is often adopted, while you are more recommended to take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get yourself cured if your suffer from chronic prostatitis.
This is a great option for patients with chronic urogenital system problems since it won’t lead to any side effects during the long-time treatment. It is able to get patients rid of chronic prostatitis effectively and completely. So it has been widely used in clinical practice.

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