Principle of A Warm Water Sitz Bath in Relieving Prostatitis Symptoms

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In the face of the family burden and high-intensity work, men have been increasingly exhausted, and many of them suffered from prostatitis. As we all know, prostatitis is not a fatal disease, but it hugely influences male daily lives and jobs. 
Prostatitis patients with pain and neurasthenia often exaggerate the body discomfort and pain. In this case, they have a worse feeling. This situation is known as tension prostatitis. Long-term stress and anxiety can also lead to psychological sexual dysfunction in men. The lack of sexual life is very adverse to the prostate because sexual life is conducive to the timely discharge of the inflammatory secretions in prostate fluid. 

Generally, men who develop prostatitis rely on antibiotic use in the long run. On top of that, you can do something easier to reduce prostatitis. That is a warm sitz bath, which is physical therapy.
First, before you start a warm sitz bath, the temperate should be controlled at around 40℃. If the temperature is too low, hot water will harm your genital, and even cause the phenomenon of dead sperm. Otherwise, it will not be good for your blood circulation. 
Second, If you want to get a better result, you'd better give a massage to your genital area. It will stimulate your prostatic vessel, boost your blood circulation, and eventually bring inflammation out of your body. But if you are a man with Acute bacterial prostatitis, Massage is not fit for you.
Third, You need to prepare a special and sterilized towel. The towel wiped after a warm sitz bath should be separated from the rest of the towels. As for men with bacterial prostatitis, every time you finish your bath, you need to sterilize this towel to be reused.
The principle of sitz bath to relieve prostate inflammation is also very simple. Because it will make your pelvic temperature rise, your blood vessels will remain dilated with accelerated circulation. And part of inflammatory exudates will be dissipated and absorbed. 
Prostatitis is mainly manifested as partly slowed immunity or immune disorder. However, the body's immunity is closely related to blood circulation. Through a warm sitz bath, your blood circulation will locally speed up, and your body will get real heat. Therefore, the immune state will be changed. 
For chronic prostatitis patients with abnormal urination and pelvic pain, this easy way will help ease these symptoms. If you want to get rid of prostatitis completely, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can achieve healing results. It can work effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system, to completely clear up infections. 
The warm sitz bath, a very effective self-treatment method to relieve prostatitis symptoms, must be used properly to get the best result.
1.Taking a warm sitz bath is a good way to treat prostatitis, but you need to choose the way that works for you. or it will harm your body, especially for those who are expected to have their babies.
2.Notably, When you have a warm sitz bath, you need to hold up your scrotum and avoid the testicles soaking in warm water.
If you or your family members have been suffering from torture of prostatitis, you can recommend them with a warm sitz bath. It will help you reduce the economic burden, ease your pain, and it will also benefit your family and jobs.

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