Is it Effective to Treat Chronic Prostatitis by Eating Apples?

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Chronic prostatitis is a disease caused by problems in the urinary system. Chronic prostate problems make many men miserable. Because it not only brings harm to one's own body but also seriously affects one's work and study. 
If there is no treatment as soon as possible, it will bring more trouble and problems. Chronic prostatitis requires long-term therapy to be effectively improved. "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Many friends don't know that eating apples often have another unknown benefit. Here, the editor will give a detailed explanation.

Eating some apples is suitable for treating chronic prostatitis.
"Apple therapy" is also a standard method for treating chronic prostatitis worldwide. The zinc in apples can improve the zinc deficiency of patients with chronic prostatitis. An experimental study abroad found that the prostatic fluid contains a certain amount of antibacterial ingredients. This antibacterial substance is a zinc-containing protein whose main ingredient is zinc, and its antibacterial effect is similar to penicillin.
Compared with commonly used zinc-containing drug therapies, apples are more effective than drugs with high zinc content and are safe, easy to digest and absorb, and easy to accept by patients. Therefore, it is very beneficial for patients with chronic prostatitis to eat apples regularly. Apples can effectively treat chronic prostatitis. 

Other treatments for chronic prostatitis
1. Constant temperature sitz bath
Take a constant temperature bath twice a day, with a water temperature of 45.4°C, for 20 minutes each time, and a course of treatment on 20 days. Constant temperature warm water bath can increase the temperature of local tissues, expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation of the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and muscles. It increases the local tissues' metabolic rate, increases vascular permeability, and relieves spasms and pain for patients with chronic prostatitis. The most common type of prostate pain has a remarkable effect, with a total effective rate of over 88%.
2. Enema therapy
This method facilitates the absorption of the medicinal ingredients by the local tissues of the prostate. It is not destroyed by the gastrointestinal acid-base environment or enzymes to lose their activity, so the effect is better. It is more effective for betting on chronic prostatitis.
3. Prostate massage therapy
After routine disinfection of the anus, the surgeon wears sterile gloves, inserts the index finger into the anus, touches the prostate with moderate force and uniform pressure, and massages the prostate from the top to the bottom of the two lobes in sequence, gradually moving from the outside to the inside to the central sulcus. 
Repeat it 2 to 3 times on each side, and then press the thumb from the bulbous urethra to the urethral opening to make the prostatic fluid overflow or drip out of the urethra. Generally, once a week, it is beneficial to discharge inflammatory substances in the prostate, increase blood circulation, and promote the absorption of inflammation. However, this method is forbidden for patients with acute prostatitis, acute urethritis, and evident tenderness.
4. Drug therapy
Chronic prostatitis is generally treated with herbal medicine because antibiotic treatment is not effective at this time. Herbal medicines such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can reduce inflammation and sterilization, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, diuresis, clearing away heat and detoxification, and can effectively treat chronic prostatitis. And its ingredients are purely natural herbs, which are harmless to the human body and will not produce drug resistance. It is also an effective radical treatment for chronic prostatitis.
Preventive measures for chronic prostatitis:
1. Daily life should be regular, sex life should be controlled, and excessive sex life should be avoided. Don't ride for too long and too long.
2. The diet should be regular, avoid stimulatig, sweet, and spicy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables to keep the stool smooth.
3. Use moderate medication, observe the condition in detail, and treat according to symptoms and signs. Don't try to treat with aphrodisiac medicine. Insist on the hot water bath.
4. Strengthen exercise, often raise the anus and tighten the buttocks. Tightening the perineal muscles and moving the pelvis improves blood circulation in the perineal area and promotes inflammation to dissipate.
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