Your 4 Bad Habits That Induce Prostatitis

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Lifestyle is closely related to people's physical and mental health. Many unhealthy lifestyle habits may become the cause of disease or even directly lead to infection. Many of the causes of prostatitis are related to bad living habits. Sexual life is an integral part of married life. However, excessive sexual life has many undesirable consequences for the body, mind, and body. In addition to physical and mental factors, it is also easy to cause or aggravate chronic prostatitis. In addition to extreme sex, what else can cause prostatitis?

Bad lifestyle habits that induce prostatitis
1. Sedentary
From a physiological point of view, a sitting position can slow down blood circulation, especially in the perineum, which directly leads to chronic congestion and congestion in the perineum and prostate. But sitting at an average time will not have any effect on the body. 
If staying seated for a long time due to work and some reasons will have a specific impact on the prostate. The congestion of the perineum and prostate can accumulate local metabolites, block the glands of the prostate, and cause poor drainage of glandular fluid, leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.
Some scholars also found through investigation that car drivers account for a large proportion of patients with chronic prostatitis, and it is not easy to cure, which can explain this problem. Therefore, those who work in this area should recognize this phenomenon, do not sit for a long time at work, take proper rest after work, and change the position in time, which can improve the local congestion of the prostate and reduce or avoid prostatitis. Happen.
2. Cycling
Cycling is the same as sitting for a long time. It can cause congestion in the perineum and prostate, blood circulation disorders, and prostatitis will occur in the long run. Moreover, cycling is more direct pressure on the perineum and prostate than sitting, especially long-distance cycling. Perineal numbness, perineal pain, urethral pain during urination, dysuria, waist pain, and other symptoms may occur. It is also one of the main factors for high inflammation.
Therefore, this problem must be considered in life and work, especially for patients who have had chronic prostatitis. Continuous cycling time should be less than 30 minutes. If the journey is long, men should get off the bike for some activities during the bike ride and then go after a rest. And the angle of the car seat can be adjusted appropriately. The front part should not be too high. Men can also add a sponge cushion to make the car seat soft and comfortable. It will reduce prostate congestion and prevent the occurrence or aggravation of chronic prostatitis.

3. Drinking
When alcohol enters the human body, it can speed up blood circulation and expand blood vessels, especially the most significant expansion of internal organs. Suffering from prostatitis, especially acute prostatitis, should abstain from alcohol to not spread the inflammation and cause other chain reactions. 
For patients with chronic prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, drinking a lot of alcohol is very harmful because drinking a lot of alcohol can damage the body's defense function, such as lack of vitamins in the body, reduce the defense function of the respiratory tract, damage the liver and kidneys, and cause anemia. 
It makes it easy for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to invade, and the chances of infection and recurrence of old diseases are significantly increased. Therefore, patients with chronic prostate disease should be cautious in drinking alcohol.
4. Smoking
Tobacco is a plant of the Solanaceae family and one of the plants with the most alkaloids. Many harmful components in the smoke produced by smoking, mainly nicotine, tar, hydrogen acid, carbon monoxide, etc. It will reduce the body's physiological function of identifying, destroying, and removing antigens and foreign bodies. 
People who smoke for a long time have reduced immunity and are susceptible to harmful microorganisms. The prostate may be one of the victimized organs. In addition, because chronic prostatitis has a long course of the disease and is prone to relapse, it is difficult to treat. For non-smokers, under normal circumstances, certain bacteria will not cause the recurrence of the old disease. For smokers, due to their immunity. If damaged, it is easier to cause an acute attack of chronic inflammation.
The treatment of chronic prostatitis cannot be accomplished overnight. It needs a process. So the patient must have enough patience. And during the treatment period, patients must maintain a bland diet, not eat spicy and greasy foods, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. Even if men want to have sex, be moderate and do not indulge in it.
Although chronic prostatitis is not a very serious disease, it cannot be ignored, and it must be treated actively. In treating chronic prostatitis, most patients now choose drugs, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to treat chronic diseases. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat the diseased area and inhibit the further spread of inflammation. Meanwhile, it improves the immunity and self-healing ability, builds up a defense against bacteria and infections to prevent this disease from recurring again.

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