Do Hemorrhoids Irritate the Prostate?

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Prostatitis is a common disease in the young and middle-aged male reproductive system. It belongs to "labor stranguria, essence turbidity, and white turbidity" in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Prostatitis is divided into acute bacterial, chronic bacterial, and non-bacterial types. Its pathogenesis is a bacterial infection; Staphylococcus epidermidis immune response; arthritis, iritis, urethral instrumentation, catheter placement, upper respiratory tract, urinary tract infection, changes in sexual function or improper diet, and occasional humidity and heat, sputum turbidity, leading to gland inflammation and abscess. 
The typical symptoms of the acute phase are chills and fever, elevated body temperature, nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, constipation, perineal and lower back pain, and prostate swelling and pain. The clinical manifestations of the chronic phase are dizziness, dizziness, waist pain, frequent urination, urgency, incomplete urination, mucus discharge after urination, loss of libido, impotence and premature ejaculation, and testicular swelling and pain.
Hemorrhoids refer to the swelling of the veins inside and outside the anus, the venous blood is not easy to return, and there is a blue-purple prototype or oval block disease. Those with lesions outside the anus are called "external hemorrhoids," and those inside the anus are called "internal hemorrhoids." Hemorrhoids are generally caused by increased pressure and excessive expansion and rupture of perianal subcutaneous blood vessels due to drinking, spicy food, constipation, prolonged squatting on the toilet, sedentary and other reasons.
Do hemorrhoids irritate the prostate?
Prostate disease and hemorrhoids are not related much and do not stimulate each other. They belong to the diseases of two systems. Most of the inflammation, hyperplasia, and even prostate tumors belong to the surgical diseases of the urinary system, while hemorrhoids belong to the anorectum of the colorectum. 
There is no relationship between the cause and mechanism of the two diseases. Therefore, patients with prostate disease or hemorrhoids should be treated separately, but the location of hemorrhoids may be relatively close to the rectum and prostate. Sometimes, the symptoms of the disorders may also interfere with hemorrhoids, causing pain and swelling and may irritate the prostate.

Therefore, these two types of diseases can be treated separately, and after the treatment of the primary infection, the patient's condition can be stabilized and have a better effect.
Prostatitis caused by bacteria should be treated with antibiotics or with some painkillers under the guidance of doctors. The doctor may also prescribe drugs to soften stool and relax bladder muscles to help defecate and urinate. Patients can also choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment to eliminate symptoms and causes so that patients recover. Prostatitis is not usually treated surgically. Surgical treatment will be considered only when complicated with urethral obstruction, and the drug cannot be controlled.
How to care if the patient has hemorrhoids and prostatitis simultaneously?
1. Patients can carry out the appropriate physical exercise daily to promote and improve blood circulation and, simultaneously, enhance the body's disease resistance and promote disease recovery.
2. Develop good sexual habits, a good sexual life law, and avoid irregular sexual life, erection without ejaculation, and interruption of sexual intercourse.
3. Avoid long-distance cycling and sitting for a long time. Have good relaxation with regular activities to promote blood circulation in the perineum and other parts.
4. Pay attention to avoid cold stimulation in daily life and keep warm.
5. Wash the sitz bath with warm water after the toilet or before bed.
6. Keep defecation smooth, prevent constipation, and use laxatives if necessary.
Proper exercise to strengthen the levator ani exercise.
Whether it is prostate disease or hemorrhoids, people must pay attention to light food in their diet, not eat spicy strips, and not drink some strong alcohol. It will do great harm to the prostate and hemorrhoids. People must keep these things in mind.
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