Can Cupping Cure Prostatitis?

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For the treatment of prostatitis, cupping treatment can indeed be adopted, but it is only an auxiliary treatment for the treatment of prostatitis. It cannot be used as the primary treatment. The treatment of prostatitis is still inseparable from drugs and needs to be combined with drug treatment. You should go to the urology department of the local hospital for a detailed examination to determine whether it is bacterial prostatitis or aseptic prostatitis and choose the appropriate medication according to the cause.


Cupping is using the can as a tool, using the combustion to remove the air in the can, create negative pressure, make it adsorbed on the acupoint or the body surface of the part to be pulled out, produce stimulation, make the skin of the part to be pulled out hyperemia, congestion, to achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases. Cupping is a relatively common method of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Its main function is to remove moisture from the human body. 

Prostatitis patients usually have symptoms such as frequent urination, the urgency of urination, and difficulty in urination. Severe patients may even have impotence and premature ejaculation. Therefore, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, these symptoms are usually caused by the accumulation of dampness and heat in the human body. At this time, patients can be selectively treated by cupping. Cupping treatment is mainly used to remove moisture from the body.

For cupping treatment, specific acupuncture points are generally selected. The most common acupuncture points generally refer to the middle pole, Sanyinjiao, Shenyu, and Yinling Spring. During a cupping treatment, some needles are usually used to pierce the above acupuncture points and usually should stay 10 minutes. 

You also need to leave the can for 10 minutes after cupping, and it is best to do it once a day for 10 days as a course of treatment. Some patients will have symptoms such as frequent urination, inexhaustible urination, lower abdominal pain, and physical fatigue. This is a symptom of spleen and kidney deficiency. At this time, some specific acupuncture points will generally be selected. You can choose some spleen Yu points, and Shenyu points for these conditions.

The specific treatment method is generally to ignite the moxa stick and then perform moxibustion at each acupuncture point. It is best to use it for 15 minutes when the person's skin feels warm or the human body feels more comfortable so it can be sucked and hung up. It is best to let the fire tank stay for 10 minutes.

Cupping treatment has a good effect on the treatment of prostatitis. Cupping can have a certain therapeutic effect on some patients with chronic prostatitis. However, patients should be cupped in a regular medical institution's traditional Chinese medicine hospital or traditional Chinese medicine department. They should not do it without authorization not to aggravate the condition. For patients with chronic prostatitis, you can take Chinese patent medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill under the guidance of doctors to clear away heat and detoxify, anti-inflammatory and relieve pain.

In addition to relieving symptoms through cupping and taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, the diet and personal living habits of patients with prostatitis must also be adjusted accordingly. It is best to eat more high-protein food. For irritating food, it is best not to touch it again to avoid the symptoms of urinary tract infection. 

You can't sit for a long time in daily life, because sitting for a long time will compress the prostate, leading to prostate congestion and edema, local metabolism accumulation, and prostate fluid is not easy to be excluded from the prostate gland tube. Therefore, it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis. 

You can exercise daily, such as jogging and walking, to strengthen your physique. Avoid excessive masturbation at ordinary times. The frequency of sexual life in daily life must be appropriate, not too frequent, and not have unclean sex. In daily life, you also need to drink more water and urinate frequently, which can help prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.

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