Prostatitis with Frequent and Urgent Urination: Why Do Doctors Still Recommend Taking Diuretic Drugs?

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Prostatitis is a common disease involving the male genitourinary system. The causes of prostatitis are more complex. The most common causes include pathogens infections, urinary dysfunction, mental stress, frequent masturbation, and other reasons. 


People are at higher risk of developing prostatitis when they have rectum intercourse, abnormal urinary tract, bladder infections, or enlarged prostate. People who have used medical instruments recently, such as a urinary catheter, may also develop prostatitis.

Bacterial infection of the prostate can cause prostatitis through retrogressive invasion of the bacteria to the prostate through the urethra. If people usually do not pay attention to perineal health cleaning, they will be infected with bacteria bred in the penis or the prostate gland in this way. 

The bacterial prostate infection will cause prostatitis through retrograde transurethral invasion of the prostate. If patients usually ignore perineal health cleaning, the prostate will be infected with bacteria bred in the penis or glans in this way. Moreover, bacteria may get into the prostate through a backward flow of the infected urine. 

As a result of sympathetic nerve dysfunction, pelvic muscle spasms and posterior urethral neuromuscular will disorder, thus resulting in bladder neck dysfunction, which manifests as urethral spasms and urethral pressure rise.

Why do doctors advise prostatitis patients with frequent and urgent urination to take diuretic drugs? The reasons are as follows:

Taking diuretic drugs is aimed at killing diseased bacteria or helping discharge the diseased bacteria rather than just alleviating increased frequency and urgency in urination so that the problem can be solved fundamentally. Take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as an example; it can kill various bacteria and pathogens in the male urinary and reproductive system and treat the disease fundamentally. 

In addition, male prostatitis is an inflammatory reaction caused by the accumulation of prostatic fluid due to being sedentary, holding back urine, and eating a spicy diet, thus leading to frequent urination and other symptoms. 

Prostatitis patients can take diuretic drugs to discharge the inflammation out of the body to improve the conditions. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote urination, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis accompanied by the effects of detoxifying and clearing the heat. It can be used to treat prostatitis. If left untreated, prostatitis will spread inflammation, which can infect neighboring organs and induce inflammation.

After prostatitis causes symptoms of frequent urination and urgency, patients can be treated in a variety of ways:

1. They can take relevant drugs under the guidance of a doctor. The disease can be controlled through correct medication, and the impact on the body can be reduced.

2. Proper function recovery exercises can be done in the process of taking medication.

3. If the patient has inflammation and infections, anti-infection drugs should be taken.

4. Local hot compress or physiotherapy can be taken to alleviate the disease.

5. Patients need to avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods that can effectively alleviate relevant symptoms. The diet should be light to facilitate digestion. Patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The private parts should be cleaned every day, or sitz baths with warm water can be chosen. Clothes are required to be frequently changed and exposed to the sun. Patients must avoid sitting for long periods and staying up late. Abstinence should be performed, and the frequency of masturbation should be decreased.

Although treatment for prostatitis can be lengthy, there is no need to worry too much, as psychological problems can aggravate some physical symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise actively, and maintain a positive and healthy attitude, which will also be helpful in preventing the symptoms of prostatitis.

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