Chronic Prostatitis: Is It Better to Drink More or Less Water Normally?

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Chronic prostate disease is the chronic inflammation of prostate tissue caused by various causes, the most common disease in urology, including chronic bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis.


Among them, chronic bacterial prostatitis is a pathogenic infection, mainly a retrograde infection; the pathogen is primarily staphylococcus genus, often with a history of repeated urinary tract infection episodes or persistent pathogenic bacteria in the prostate massage fluid.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is a variety of complex causes and triggers caused by inflammation, immunity, and neuroendocrine involvement of intricate pathological changes, with urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain as the primary clinical manifestations.

Can men drink more water with prostatitis? How to drink? Some prostatitis patients think prostate disease has frequent urination and urgency, so they control the amount of water and dare not drink more. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Firstly, if we drink less water, the urine will be concentrated. In case of holding back urine, it will cause the concentrated urine to reflux into the glandular ducts and glandular bag of the prostate. The concentrated urine contains a lot of urinary alkali, which will precipitate in the prostate gland ducts and glandular bag to form prostate stones, and some even form obstruction of the prostate ducts, thus causing or aggravating prostatitis.

Secondly, drinking more water can flush the prostate bacteria. Men maintaining the habit of drinking more water can play a role in protecting the prostate because drinking more water can promote the production of urine. Some bacteria in the bladder, kidneys, and prostate will be excreted through urine. Moreover, drinking more water can also promote blood circulation and improve metabolism, which is very helpful for men's prostate.

But why do people with prostatitis urinate more frequently the more they drink?

It needs to be more scientific to gulp and drink lots of water. Water and liquid metabolism also pay attention to balance. If you drink more water, you will urinate more. Drinking too much water speeds up excretion, so it's normal to feel like you're urinating more often.

In the case of prostatitis and frequent urination, if the patient has urination symptoms, too much water will aggravate the symptoms, so it is necessary to drink water scientifically and reasonably. That is to say, drink small sips and drink when you feel thirsty.

In addition, men need to correct the following two water-drinking myths:

Myth 1: Drinking detox tea. Some people who are more concerned about their health think that prostatitis will also be better faster as long as they often drink some tea with detoxification effects. In fact, prostatitis patients should not often drink this kind of detoxification tea, and coffee and tea tea should also drink less because this kind of beverage will form a stimulus to the prostate, thus affecting the normal recovery of prostatitis.

Myth 2: Drink a glass of water before bed. Many prostatitis patients are convinced that drinking water every night before bed is good for the prostate. In fact, this idea needs to be corrected. The principle is simple: the prostate is adjacent to the bladder, and when you sleep at night, the bladder expands due to the increase in urine volume, and once it expands, it presses on the adjacent prostate. If the prostate has inflammation at this time, it will naturally affect the normal recovery of prostatitis.

To prevent prostate disease, men need to drink more water and thus urinate more. But it is important to do so in a balanced and sensible manner. Drinking water during the day should be unrestricted since drinking too little will cause dehydration and is not conducive to urination on the urinary tract flushing. It can even cause urine to condense and form stones. Therefore, developing good hydration habits will protect men's prostate.

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