Urinate As Soon As Drinking Cold Water, Have You Ever Thought It Was Prostatitis?

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If you want to urinate as soon as you drink cold water, there is something wrong with the prostate. When there is inflammation in the prostate, the neurosensory threshold is lowered, the urinary intention center is excited, producing frequent urination, and the urine volume is reduced (300-500 ml/time in adults). Therefore, frequent urination is an important symptom of prostatitis, especially in acute prostatitis.


Men with prostatitis cannot hide their urine after drinking water and soon want to urinate. However, most are accompanied by urination pain and concurrent dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, loss of desire, ejaculation pain, etc. Milky secretions will flow out of the urethra after urinating or stooling.

Do prostatitis patients recommend drinking cold water?

Patients with prostatitis usually have symptoms such as urgency and pain in urination due to local enlargement of the prostate. Drinking cold water may affect the blood circulation in the prostate, resulting in poor blood circulation, which will stimulate the prostate and aggravate the above symptoms, thus reducing the quality of life and causing certain difficulties for their treatments. 

Drinking cold water is also not conducive to the recovery of prostatitis. If similar symptoms occur, you should seek medical advice in time to avoid delaying the disease and aggravating inflammation. You can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill under the guidance of a doctor according to your specific situation to clear heat and detoxify, diminish inflammation and diuresis, and relieve symptoms.

You should use drugs safely and reasonably according to the doctor's advice. During the treatment, you should do a good job in other aspects of nursing to promote the rehabilitation of prostatitis. Prostatitis patients should not drink cold water as much as possible. You can drink more warm water and urinate more every day. 

Other reasons why drinking cold water makes you want to urinate?

The thought of urinating at the touch of cold water may be related to psychological, endocrine, urinary system infection and other factors.

1. Psychology: When you touch cold water, you will want to urinate, which is caused by psychological factors. This feeling is more likely to occur under negative emotions such as tension and anxiety, but it does not really want to urinate. It belongs to the mental frequency of urination.

2. Endocrine: The desire to urinate when touching cold water may be caused by endocrine factors. When touching cold water, cold water stimulation enters the brain, stimulating the brain to secrete hormones to increase adrenaline and increase physical activity, thus having a feeling of wanting to urinate, which is mostly normal.

3. Urinary system infection: urinating when touching cold water may also be caused by urinary system infection. Influenced by urinary system infections, frequent urination is more likely to occur under the stimulation of cold water.

If you often feel like urinating at the touch of cold water, you can go to a regular hospital in time.

How to drink water healthily?

1. Drink plain boiled water. Lack of water in the human body affects metabolism, and plain boiled water is the healthiest drink. 2. Drink an appropriate amount of water. Drink water according to your own needs. If you sweat more and urinate more, you need to replenish more water to compensate for the moisture that sweats and forms urine. Some people have the low metabolic ability. If they drink a lot of water, they can't excrete water and accumulate a lot in the body, easily hurting the stomach.

3. Drink water every two hours. The maximum drinking interval should be at most two hours, and the amount of drinking water at a time is about 300 milliliters. After drinking water, it takes about eight minutes to absorb it into the blood, and it takes about two hours for most of the water to be discharged into the bladder by the kidneys. When moisture enters the bladder, it is when you start hydrating.

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