Why does chronic prostatitis need more time to cure?

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Men who have chronic prostatitis but stubbornly do not accept treatment are losing their health actually. Some patients will say, "why have I received the treatment for a long time but with little effectiveness". In fact, reasons why chronic prostatitis is difficult to be cured are various, both physical or psychological factors can be causes of this problem.

Psychological factors and negative responses. Insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression are manifestations which usually beyond what you suffer the disease itself. Most likely, some patients may turn to any doctor when critically ill, some give up on themselves. What's worse, these factors are in a vicious cycle, which will have influence on patients' state of health step by step.
Prostate is not an isolate gland, actually it has close connections with its surrounding tissues. For instance, bladder lies above prostate, rectum is behind prostate, while seminal vesicles and vas deferens ampulla are over or outside it with urethra and ejaculatory duct passing through. Lesions of these organs can interact with prostate often. It is a fact that prostate is a glandular secretion organ. Route that prostate enters posterior urethra is the glandular tube, as a matter of fact, this passage is long and with a small opening, which can easily be affected by many factors. Currently, patients can have difficult in excretion in this case, and prostate fluid retention often occurs, which is prone to induce infection. 
Durative unhealthy life style is also an inducement of prostatitis. Such unhealthy habit include:   
a. Patients pay such little attention to its personal hygiene
b. Persons who had impurity sexual life, frequency of sexual intercourse or masturbation
c. People who are addicted to binge drink or have spicy food. Besides, riding and sitting for too long are bad habit for patients as well.
d. Men who do not keep warm or catch cold often will have trouble with long congestion that can induce chronic prostatitis.
Causes of prostatitis are complicated and multiple. Except bacteria infection, factors which can lead to prostate pain and inflammatory reaction are very many , such as autoimmunity response or dysimmunity, pain in pelvic cavity, neuromuscular, muscular tone, intraprostatic urinary reflux, physical impairment, prostate stones, inflammation, long-term congestion, uric acid, urethral stricture, finetestis hypertrophy, benign prostatic hyperplasia, food allergies, fungal or viral infections, etc. Apart from that, functional disorders in periprostatic tissues, muscles and nerves can also lead to pathological changes of prostatitis.
Uncertain reasons for why chronic prostatitis need more time to cure are still more than what we have known indeed. Some chronic prostatitis patients who are mislead by some advertisements can not truly receive formal treatment as they desperately expected. But anyway, getting prompt treatment when you are ill is much necessary.