How does a man get prostatitis and how is prostatitis cured?

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Core Tip: Prostate is an area that brings about multiple diseases. If you do not take care of it well, inflammation is a common result and prostate diseases come along. Prostatitis is a disease that affect a lot in men's health. So if anything abnormal occurs in prostate, patients had better go to the hospital and find out the exact reason that causes it. In addition, many prostate patients even do not know how do they suffer from this disease. Here are some details about this question.

1. Prostatoplasia. Prostatoplasia is a factor that causes prostate congest repeatedly, which leads to infection. In this situation, if urethral dilatation procedure is not finished scrutinizingly, bacteria can be brought in prostate. Consequently, prostate occurs.
2. Both overmuch massage or the strength is too strong can lead to prostate congestion and edema, which induces prostatitis.
3. Urethritis is also one of the factors that give rise to prostatitis. Pathogens that causes urethritis are able to enter prostate through urethra and ducts of prostate gland. As a result, those pathogens can infect prostate as well and finally causes prostatitis.
4. Bad habits and customs. Frequent drinking, riding and masturbation are all causes of prostate congestion.
5. Be chary of catching cold. Catching a cold irritates sympathetic nerve in prostate. Then pressure in urethra increases, the shrink obstructs excretion, prostate is congested.
6. Holding back urine. Men who usually hold back urine can get a higher risk of prostatitis. That is because once the bladder is full, men will have a desire to urinate. If they hold back urine, urine can flow backwards to prostate, and if it joins in prostate gland, some crystalline solids in urine can deposit onto prostate tissues and forms concretion with corpora amylacea, epithelial cells, purine, cholesterol, citric acid.
Prostatitis plays a decisive role in men's health. Men who have suffered from prostatitis should go to the hospital as soon as possible and receive niche targeting treatment under the conduct of the doctor. When selecting the treatment, patients can take traditional Chinese medicine as a consideration.
Attentive point:Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill does not rely on some medicine in treating chronic prostatitis. But use special materials in traditional Chinese medicine, such as safflower, radix paeoniae rubra, peach kernel, to regulate qi and blood and improve chronic prostate congestion. Besides, other prescriptions that can clear away heat and toxic material and induce diuresis for treating strangurtia, such as houttuynia, plantago, are able to eliminate damp pathogens and relieve symptoms of frequent urine, urgency of micturition, and odynuria. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the very medicine which can promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, eliminate fibrosis and adjust the overall prostate function, and eventually cure prostatitis.