Primary physiological function of prostate and treat prostatitis

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As a matter of fact, prostate is composed of glandular tissue and muscular tissue. It is surrounded by aponeurosis of investment, which is called prostaticus. And plexus venosus prostaticus locates between prostaticus and prostate. Besides, prostate secretion is a component element, which accounts for 30 per cent of semen.

Male urethra penetrates to prostate near the head of the bottom of the gland. And at the bottom, there is a pair of ejaculatory duct. Also, cervix vesicae, seminal vesicle, ampulla ductus deferentis are near the bottom of prostate. Therefore, when prostate is infected by bacteria, spermatophore can also be infected and vice versa. By the way, children's prostate are small, but they grow rapidly, while elderly men's do not. If connective tissue proliferation occurs in gland, prostatomegaly always comes along.
On the surface of prostate, there's a layer of envelope, and in which, elastic fibers and smooth muscle widely spread. In addition, these materials can enter the gland. Substance of prostate are made up with 30 to 50 compound tubularacinous glands.
It refers above that prostate secretion is a vital part of semen. Reduce of prostate secretion is a result of prostatitis. Also, nonliquefaction of semen and low sperm motility can appear. So, to find a radical cure is an imminent thing for prostatitis patients. Otherwise, prostatitis patients will suffer from infertility as well.
Primary physiological function of prostate:
1. Secret prostate fluid. Prostate is the largest accessory gland of a man. It can secret prostate fluid, which comprise the important part of semen. When bacteria propagate in genital tract, some hazardous substance can be secreted to destroy sperm. Plus, bacterial reproduction requires a large amount of nutriments, that is to say, living environment of the sperm is greatly threatened. Furthermore, plentiful acidoid appear with reproduction of bacteria, which brings down pH value in the male reproductive tract. It usually turns out that sperm are died with acidosis. That is why bacterial prostate can lead to male infertility.    
2. Secret nourishment. Prostate contains rich 5α-reductase. 5α-reductase is a material that can transform testosterone into protona. Besides, protona plays an important role in development of Benign prostatic hyperplasia. But blocking 5α-reductase(reduce protona) is a way to produce prostate tissue atrophy.
3. Micturition: Urethra is encompassed by prostate. As a matter of fact, prostate is very close to cervix vesicae and also they are connected as proximal urethra wall. Annular smooth muscle fibers revolve around the urethra part of prostate and take part in constituting uretha inner sphincter. When a man has a micturition desire, contraction of the detrusor and sphincter relaxation guarantee that urine can spill out smoothly.   
4. Transformation: Urethra and two ejaculatory ducts penetrate prostate, when it ejaculate, prostate and muscle of seminal vesicle shrink, which presses semen in spermaduct and seminal vesicle into  posterior urethra, then discharge it out of the body. Inflammation irritates prostate, which result in an intumescent prostate. In this case, urethra and ejaculatory duct can both be affected. Consequently, dysuria weak ejaculation, impotence and premature ejaculation occur.
How is prostatitis treated?
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a hope for prostatitis patients!
Undoubtedly, prostatitis is a worldwide disease. It has been affirmed by western medicine that no medicine is able to reach the lesion of prostate. However, traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has been proved as an medicine which is successful in treating prostatitis.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a medicine with patent, and its number is 200910157894. Its main effect: Softening hard lumps and dispel nodes, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis; clearing away heat and toxic material; sterilization, diminish inflammation; reducing swelling and alleviate pain. It is amazing that three months is enough to cure the disease.