Why is prostatitis difficult to be cured and how to cure it with Chinese medicine?

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Prostatitis is a disease with a high recurrence rate, which is exactly what prostatitis patients suffer from. However, why is prostatitis difficult to be cured? In a word, special physiological structure, the complexity of the causes and improper treatment are three primary reasons for this. 

Usually, the special physiological structure and complex causes are both obstacles for traditional therapies, which are also causes of the relapse. In addition, prostatitis patients who take medicine without serious consideration after being diagnosed with prostatitis can make the condition worse. Hence, choosing effective treatment and receiving rational therapeutics are important. In fact, prostatitis is not a horrible disease. As long as taking the best treatment, patients can recover soon. 
Tracing back to the history of traditional Chinese medical science, we can find that prostatitis is not a conception of a disease. However, according to its symptoms, it is classified into illnesses such as stranguria or gonorrhoea. In traditional Chinese medical science, frequent urine and urinary urgency are caused by damp-heat in lower-JIAO. While local pain is a manifestation of qi depression to blood stasis. Thence, prescriptions which can promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis and clear away heat and toxic material are adopted to treat prostatitis. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the very medicine to cure prostatitis which follows these two aspects.  
Because of the principle of systematic treatment of treating prostatitis, as traditional Chinese medical science advocates, no matter bacterial prostatitis or nonbacterial prostatitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can guarantee the healing efficacy. Also, this systematic treatment prevents patients from being over treated and solves the problem of drug tolerance. Apparently, no drug tolerance is the significant advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, it can be concluded that traditional Chinese medicine is the best treatment of prostatitis.