Does bridegroom easily get prostatitis?

Date:2018-12-06 click:0

Getting married is one of the niceties of life. However, some bridegrooms are prone to suffer from prostatitis when their married life start, which brings about big troubles to them. During honeymoon period, if the men is troubled with symptoms of acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis, such as frequent urine, urine urgency, discomfort or pain in hypogastrium, he possibly has had prostatitis. Plus, prostatitis occurs during the honeymoon, so it can also be called "honeymoon prostatitis". Primarily, it is concerned with daily life in honeymoon period, and the relative factors are: 

1. Strong sexual arousal and excessive indulgence in sexual activity. When a man begins to have sex life, he is difficult to avoid or escape from strong sexual arousal, which will result in frequent intercourses. As a matter of fact, repeated and continuous congestion of the prostate is an important cause of prostatitis. Studies have shown that frequent sex life in a short time accounts for 89.7 percents of occurence of acute prostatitis. In order to prolong time or prevent their mates from being pregnant, men sometimes like to control ejaculation, for instance, withdrawal method, onanism, etc. Eventually, frequent and long-term prostate congestion can give rise to prostatitis.
2. As we can imagine that the bridegroom can be busy in managing the wedding, decorating the house, long-time travelling. Apart from that, irregular diet and the weather change can also lower the immunity capapie or partially. Besides, dirty sexual life is prone to cause infection in urinary tract as well. What's more, prostatitis is can occur if pathogens move upward ( retrograde infection ). So, when bacteria in urethra or in other parts of the body enter prostate directly or indirectly, prostatitis is in the wind.
3. Alcohol. Alcohol is another enemy of prostate. You can not avoid drinking alcohol if you are a bridegroom. Excessive drinking and much spicy food are not good to prostate. Moreover, it is not beneficial to have a lot of afrodyn blindly.