High pressure may contribute to prostatitis

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A large number of white-collar workers are troubled with various negative induced emotions such as anxiety, irritability, nervousness, etc. Having to confront with hard work, redundancies, work bottleneck, increasing men seem to suffer from those pressure ineluctably. Therefore, work pressure hugely affect our lives. Men who have been diagnosed with prostatitis sometimes have something to do with their job pressure indeed.       

Experts indicate that when a men is in a state of high pressure, he is more likely to be invaded by prostatitis. Tracing it to its cause, we can find that besides low immunity which can't against much bacteria, a man is prone to be stuck with disturbed biological clock, irregular diet or other problems of the spirit if he is under stress. However, it is these bad consequences that further lead to prostate congestion and induce prostatitis.   
Prostatits is a disaster for men who are working hard. Dr.Lee reminded that if you have a clear understanding of prostatitis causes, symptoms, diagnosis, do regular checks, prostatitis is definitely not so horrible.  
Predisposing causes
Actually more men are fighting with prostatitis. Since prostatitis is a disease known for its high incidence, long treatment and complex changes, patients who have suffer it are having a question of what prostatitis predisposing causes are. Professional doctors said that different kinds of prostatitis would show different symptoms. But generally prostatitis causes are connected with following factors.
Prostate congestion
Passive hyperemia is usually the primary cause of prostatitis. In life, prostate congestion is not a rare thing. Frequent sex life, recurrent masturbation can all give rise to prostate congestion. While, being too abstentious is not good for prostate. Besides, sitting or riding for long time can also lead to repeated damage and congestion. Plus, unhealthy diet, which in traditional Chinese medical science, is considered as a vital factor which can bring about prostatitis. Drinking and spicy food can cause damp and heat in body, these substances are able to irritate generative organ. In addition, colds and fevers can excite sympathetic nerves as well, which may increase urethral pressure, shrink glandular tube and obstruct excretion. 
pathogenic microorganism infection
Bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses microbial are all ordinary sources of infection. Thereby, bacteria prostatitis is almost caused by microorganisms. And bacteria is the most common microorganism such as neisseria gonorrhoeae and non-gonococcal. Normally, bacteria prostatitis can be treated with taking medicine, adjusting the pH of urine to clear away heat and dissolve accumulated stasis of blood.       
Negative psychological factors
It is said that a lot of prostatitis suffers are bearing mentation of stress, anxiety, depression and fear. In fact, the objective symptoms are not what they imagined, this prostatitis can also be called " catatonic type prostatitis" Dr.Lee suggested patients not aggravate their condition and should get exact diagnosis firstly. 
Misunderstanding often occurs when we talk about prostatitis. Some patients thought prostatitis was an incurable disease that they even ignored it. Some suffers took antibiotic but ended up with drug tolerance. Some stopped receiving treatment when symptoms disappeared.
When it comes to prostatitis, many men are in a panic. Except for high incidence, prostatitis is also a disease with a high relapse rate. Opening of prostatic duct is small, so doesn't work well in conduction, which makes a poor local blood circulation. Apart from that, prostate is composed of ducts which are not connected, though some medicine can enter prostate, it can't permeate completely. Also, stones in prostate can be a cause of a recurring urinary tract infection. As we can see, those factors can all drag prostatitis to a stubborn disease. 
In summary, men should keep a good state of mind and try to fit the environment and stress. After introducing so much information about causes of prostatitis, patients ought to build their confidence in prevention and treatment of prostatitis.