How is the effect of TCM to treat chronic prostatitis?

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TCM seems to be more effective in treating chronic prostatitis in recent years. At this point, Mr.Lee who came from Wuhan was too well aware of it. Mr.Lee had long been suffered from prostatitis. He has been objected to frequent urine, lower abdomen pain and prostatodynia for many years. Especially, he also had chlamydia infection and it was the very origin caused prostatitis. Due to Mr Lee's reproduction requirement, the doctor suggested him receive injection treatment, however, the effectiveness was not obvious at all. This experience made him very disappointed. Later, he searched treatment of chronic prostatitis on line and finally found Dr.Lee. On the net, many patients expressed their successful experience, which encouraged him a lot. Having consulting Dr.Lee, he made up his mind to accept traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Dr.Lee advised him to try a course of treatment. After taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for a month, the pain relieved a lot. He then had more confidence in the continuous treatment. When it came to the third month, all symptoms disappeared. He was then suggested to have chlamydia test and prostate routine examination. Unexpected, Mr.Lee recovered. Both chlamydia test and prostate routine examination are tested positive. He was so thrilled that he called Dr.Lee at once, he shared his joy to Dr.Lee and presented his great thanks.
Examples like Mr.Lee are very many. We'd like to share this successful case to all chronic prostatitis patients to help more patients find the way to recover.
We know that antibiotics are what western medicine mainly used to treat chronic prostatitis. But in fact, It takes a long time to upgrade new antibiotic products. However, drug resistance and fastness developed more quickly. Therefore, though we can see obvious results at the early stage, with the course became longer, efficacy decreased gradually, and even was of no use. 
Comparing with antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine has its own advantages. TCM is not an extractive or compound, it is made of animals and plants from mature. It can work with a long time, suffers do not need to worry about resistance and fastness.
But why Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is better than other TCM product which can also treat chronic prostatitis?
The biggest advantage of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is that it is a result of a large number of clinical trials. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the achievement of several decades clinical experiences of Dr.Lee, who had have studied traditional Chinese medicine for about thirty years and won excellent  reputation of this field. We believe chronic prostatitis patients will not return empty-handed.