Complications of Bacterial Prostatitis

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Sometimes, prostatitis is a disease that chiefly obsesses men. And bacterial prostatitis is very common in clinic. Usually bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection in external sex organs. The following are complications and pathology of bacterial prostatitis.

Complications of Bacterial Prostatitis
Urinary tract infection recurrence is a feature of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Though during the treatment, bacteria in urine can be killed or symptoms and physical sign can be removed, infection caused by the same bacteria can recur after treatment. Owing to pathogens in prostate can't be killed, and most of antibiotic can not directly enter prostate fluid, bacteria can still stay in prostate, which becomes a cause of reinfection.  
Urinary tract infection and bacterial epididymitis can also be complications of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Also, it can turn into infective prostate calculus, which can obstruct chronic infection treatment. In addition, chronic bacterial prostatitis can develop to vesicourethral orifice obstruction when it is complicated by bladder neck contracture. However, if they have the causal link between the two are not for sure. 
Pathology of Bacterial Prostatitis
Acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis can be infected with the same reason. Sometimes, chronic bacterial prostatitis are developed from acute prostatitis obviously. 
Histological examination shows nonspecific in chronic prostatitis. Comparing with acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis have a more limited reflection. Plasma cells, macrophages and lymphocytes can be found in acinar or matrix. In 1979, Kohnen and Drach have observed 162 enlarged prostate patients who have had prostatectomy, they found that about 98 percent of prostates are with similar appearance of reproductive organ. In this group of patients, seldom had they found evidence that there are exactly clinical or bacterial proof of prostate infection. Therefore, histologic technique can not clearly make diagnosis of chronic bacterial prostatitis.