Sexual Abstinence Principles in Patients with Seminal Vesiculitis

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When a man suffers from seminal vesiculitis, a large number of bacteria will appear. If the bacteria enter the vagina of a woman with the semen, it will be very disadvantageous to the woman. It may cause various gynecological diseases or inflammation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have sexual life in seminal vesiculitis. So how should the seminal vesiculitis patients abstinence scientifically? 

Avoid sex completely when there is blood in semen
During the onset of seminal vesicle inflammation, there are apparent symptoms such as hemospermia. Sexual life should be stopped for 1 to 2 months until the hemospermia disappears. During this period, active treatment should be taken. If blood is found during sexual life, it means that the condition is not stable, we should stop sexual life and continue to strengthen treatment.
Attention to the frequency of sex
After active treatment, patients with seminal vesiculitis should not avoid sex for a long time after the disappearance of blood sperm. It is better to have sex once or twice a month. Increasing frequency is beneficial to the timely emptying of seminal vesicle fluid and avoiding the high pressure in the seminal vesicle. When the condition is stable for more than half a year, the number of sex can be increased appropriately.
Gentle movements
Seminal vesiculitis patients should pay attention to sexual intercourse with gentle movements, and actions should not be too intense when reaching an orgasm. A repeated refrain from ejaculation is not advised, which is easy to cause overflow, resulting in excessive intense emptying. The degree of seminal vesicle contraction and ejaculation can also be mild, which is helpful to prevent hemospermia.

For normal people, before ejaculation, a lot of seminal fluid accumulates in the seminal vesicle. The pressure inside the seminal vesicle is very high. After ejaculation, the pressure inside the seminal vesicle drops sharply. The pressure rises and falls significantly, and even the normal seminal vesicle will inevitably bleed. 
The rupture of ejaculatory capillaries is particularly severe in seminal vesiculitis. If there are patients with seminal vesiculitis, who have not had sex for a long time, excessive filling of seminal vesicles and intense sexual activity will lead to more severe condition of bleeding.
When seminal vesiculitis occurs, the seminal vesicle wall is edematous and congested, and the capillaries on the wall are brittle and easily ruptured. At ordinary times, the seminal vesicle is filled with seminal vesicle fluid. It is possible that seminal vesicle fluid has been dyed red by blood. If it happens to ejaculate in sexual life, seminal vesicle will contract forcefully, which is equivalent to further squeezing and tearing the capillaries on the seminal vesicle wall. It will aggravate the bleeding.

Seminal Vesiculitis patients in the stage of severe inflammation, accompanied by hemospermia or ejaculation pain, should absolutely avoid sex. After receiving active treatment, you can have an appropriate sexual life when hemospermia symptoms disappear after a month. Effective treatment like taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill must be adopted until all clinical symptoms disappear and health conditions recover. If you want to have sex, you should also wear condoms to prevent the transmission of germs to women.