Yellow Semen? It May Be Related to Seminal Vesiculitis

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Men who need to prepare for pregnancy are susceptible to the change of semen, and the quality of semen is a matter of great concern to them. Normal semen is milky white. But one day, when you found semen from milky white to yellow, what happened?

Three factors can judge normal semen:
The Morphology of Semen: Normal semen is usually milky or off-white. If freshly ejaculated, the semen will appear grayish white or grayish-yellow. It is generally semi-colloidal and has a certain fluidity. The semen that ejaculates every time should be 2-6 milliliters.
The Smell of Semen: Normal semen has a distinctive faint fishy smell due to the oxidation of spermine in the prostatic fluid. Often the smell is also associated with abstinence, with the more extended the abstinence, the more pungent the smell.
Semen Can liquefy: Leave semen for 15 minutes, during which time normal sperm will liquefy. If complete liquefaction does not take longer than 60 minutes, seminal vesiculitis should be considered.

Some men may find their semen turns yellow, and there are two main possibilities for this: non-disease and disease.
1. Non-Disease Factors
The most common cause of non-disease factors is prolonged abstinence. If you do not ejaculate for a long time, the physical or chemical properties of the semen will change. At this time, it is a normal phenomenon that the color of semen is yellow.
In this case, the yellowing of semen is only temporary, and regular sexual life will make it disappear. If this happens to a patient, do not worry too much.
Sometimes unhealthy lifestyle habits such as overworking, staying up late, drinking too much alcohol, and eating spicy and irritating food can also cause temporary semen yellowing. If this is the case, semen color can be restored to normal through conditioning.
In addition, some men, after taking drugs, such as vitamins (especially vitamin B2), rifampicin, and sulfa, may also appear urine and yellow semen. 
2. Disease factors 
The most common cause is an infection of the genitourinary system. As mentioned, semen is mainly secreted by accessory glands such as the prostate, seminal vesicles, and bulbar urethral glands. If any of them become inflamed, the semen will turn yellow. But such semen yellowing is likely to be long-lasting. Patients are often accompanied by ejaculatory pain, frequent urination, urgent urination, urination pain, and other urethral irritation symptoms or urethral orifice with abnormal secretion and dysuria.
The disease is likely to affect physiological functions, adversely affect fertility and even cause infertility in severe cases. Therefore, active treatment is needed if semen yellowing is associated with seminal vesiculitis.
The treatment of seminal vesiculitis can use antibiotic medicine, which is the most effective and primary method. If the symptoms are repeated after treatment, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be chosen. It has a significant effect on eliminating yellow semen, prostatitis, and other symptoms.
At last, some other diseases, such as jaundice hepatitis, chronic liver disease, and chronic nephrosis, may also cause yellow seminal fluid.
In summary, when semen yellowing is not temporary and does not aggravate after conditioning, it is best to go to the hospital in time. It would help if you did some suitable medical checks under the doctor’s advice to find out the cause of the disease and make symptomatic treatment. Only in this way can we avoid delaying and aggravating the illness. 
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