Causes and Complications of Cystitis in Women

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Female urethra is short and wide, and has filmy sphincter. All this conditions give an opportunity for invading of bacteria. Thanks to female meatus urinarius is adjacent to vagina and anus, in order to ensure that bacteria could not sneak into vulva and infect urinary bladder, female should pay attention to cleanness of vulva. At the same time, there are some complications caused, such as cervicitis, colpitis, annexitis, pelvic inflammation and etc. Similarly, these complications would also cause cystitis.


Causes of female cystitis


The normal sexual intercourse will lead to inward motion of position of female vulva. Under this condition, the women`s urinary bladder will be easy to be influenced by bacteria. In the same way, too long time of sexual life will make the vagina and vicinal tissues of cervix vesicae haematose, this phenomenon will increase the probability to catch the cystitis. Auxetic uterus will stress the urinary bladder and make the emiction difficult; the bacteria will produce in this environment and cause the cystitis at last. During the process of reproduction, the long reproductive time may cause mucosa haematose and damaged, the retention of urine may infect the urethra easily after childbirth.


Women at advanced age are more possible to catch atrophic cystitis and urethritis.


Furthermore, there are many other elements caused the cystitis, such as hysteromyoma, ovarian dropsy, and pelvic mass. They all can lead to cystitis in the same pathology stated in the last paragraphs. Cystitis can be complicated by cervicitis and colpitis. The typical symptom of cervicitis is the increasing of leucorrhea. The leucorrhea caused by acute cervicitis presents a situation of purulence. Generally speaking, acute cervicitis will lead to bloody leucorrhea, bleeding after sexual intercourse, abdomen pain, and frequency of urinatior, odynuria, and urgent urination.The patients who have got colpitis would suffer from some inflammations, such as hyperaemia of pelvic cavity, fibrosis of connective tissue and the mutual conglutination of pelvic cavity organs. And the basic symptoms of colpitis are similar with the cervicitis.


TCM to cure cystitis in women


If the patient suffers from frequency of urinatior, odynuria, and urgent urination badly, taking the drugs of inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia, antimicrophyte and alexeteric is quite necessary. The drugs can cure cystitis and other gynaecology diseases at one time. The patient will feel improved in a several days after taking these drugs. And the symptoms will be eliminated after successive remedy for three months.


If the main inflammation of patient is the abnormity of leucorrhea, the key point of remedy is to strengthen the spleen and clear away dampness, relieve internal heat or fever and sterilize bacteria. The ingredients of remedy contain plantago seeds, which are good for emiction and curing cystitis.