A successful case on interstitial cystitis patients

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 A brief introduction to Interstitial Cystitis

In recent years, interstitial cystitis is a disease occurs generally in middle-aged women. Symptoms of interstitial cystitis are common, such as frequent urine, nocturia increased, pain in lower abdomen, etc. However, causes of this disease can not always be found out by patients. Some patients have taken a lot of medicine but with no apparent result. What's worse, some suffers are regarded as nervous persons.
In addition to urinary discomfort, other symptoms can usually occur. For instance, vaginal pain, genital pain, anal pain, back pain or even ham inside pain.
Due to the complicated manifestations, diagnosis of interstitial cystitis is much more difficult. Especially, some symptoms are similar with chronic cystitis, the misdiagnosis rate is high.
Mistakenly, a large number of persons think that interstitial cystitis is the bladder infection which is caused by bacteria or the acute inflammation of the bladder epidermal. Experts point out that these are not inducement. Generally, the cause is the interstitial which is below the bladder epithelium. Chronic inflammation often occurs in this part. Fibroblast can be produced in this process, which brings about these symptoms.
Though causes of interstitial cystitis are not clear yet, treatment of it are various.
Treatment of interstitial cystitis
Today, I'd like to introduce you a new treatment for interstitial cystitis patients. It is traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a medicine which was developed by Dr.Lee. Dr.Lee is a famous expert in treating all kinds of male and female genitourinary system diseases. Complying with traditional Chinese medical theory, Dr.Lee developed this pure medicine with her own numerous clinical trials. She had helped a lot of suffers get rid of this stubborn disease. Let's take an example.
Three years ago, Mrs.Zhang, who was forty years old, was objected to frequent urine and increased nocturia. She was not so sensitive at first, but gradually, it developed more serious. Then she went to the hospital. The doctor couldn't make clear diagnosis and only gave her prescriptions. Three years passed, she has have multiple medicines, side effects appeared gradually. Hypotension, heart palpitations, depression have emerged. She urinated every few minutes. As time passes, she suffered from a moderate depression.
As she prepared to give up, a hope came. She accidentally found Dr.Lee on the net and then narrated the details to her. After hearing what she described, Dr.Lee suspected that she might had interstitial cystitis. Mrs.Zhang struggled with whether took Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill or not, because she was afraid of taking medicines since she got these side effects. Whereas, after knowing other patients who had already conquered this disease by taking the Pill, she decided to have a try. Eventually, after four month, she successfully ended this suffering. 
But, how can we prevent its recurrence?
Firstly, keep a good diet. Frequent meals are better than a big meal. If patients intend to try new food, it is better to have small amount of it. Once pain occurs, please stop eating it immidiately. 
Secondly, avoid eating food which contains potassium or citrus foods. Carbonated drinks and fermented foods are easily induce symptoms. Besides, drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes are irritant, which can also aggravate symptoms.
In addition, regular exercise such as walking, riding, jogging are beneficial to our health. This can help our body relax and promote our immunity.