What should do if one has frequent urination and burning sensation?

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If you have frequent urination and have burning sensation after urination, you may affect UTI, because the two symptoms mentioned above are the typical symptoms of UTI. What is UTI? It is infection in the urinary system.

This disease has three types. When it happens on bladder, commonly it calls cystitis. It can happen on ureters, the tubes that lead from the kidneys to the bladder. It also can happen on urethra – the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body.
Actually, UTI  is a common disease for people and most of its victims are women, because women have shorter urinary tract and their vagina is closer to the anus. This disease can be cured easily if treating it timely, but, if left untreated, the kidney infection may happen. Anything that brings bacteria in contact with the vulva and/or urethra can cause a UTI. Unprotected anal intercourse is a very high-risk behavior for urinary tract infections.
If you want cure this disease timely, you should learn the typical symptoms of this disease first. Here are the symptoms.
Lower abdominal pain or back pain
Urgent urination at day and night
Burning pain during urination and after it
Urge to urinate even your bladder is empty
Difficulty controlling when urinating
Blood in urine 
If you find you have one or two symptoms mentioned above, possibly that you have UTI, so the second thing you have to do is taking tests in hospital and make a diagnosis. Once it is sure, the next step is taking treatment. UTI is hard to be cured by western medicine because the antibiotic has drug resistance and it is easy for it relapse. However, herbal formula has no such problems. Herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is safe and has no drug resistance. This pill works lowly but the curative effect is surely, because it is hard for it happens again.