Medication for Interstitial Cystitis

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IC is a non specific chronic condition. The symptoms of IC are mostly pelvic syndrome and urine tract irritation. These symptoms are non specific.But white blood cell can’t be found in the urine, only a few red blood cell. During cystoscopy, patients are found to have ulcers, bleeding and errhysis on the bladder neck. Now, the problem is what’s the effective treatment when diagnosis of IC is confirmed?

The symptoms of IC are often misdiagnosed as a common bladder infection. As IC hasn’t to be showed to be caused by a bacterial infection , antibiotics are ineffective to treat IC. The diagnosis of IC is only confirmed by cystoscopy and bladder wall biopsy after male patients excluded from urethritis ,chronic prostatitis and kidney stones, female patients excluded from endometriosis , severe vagina infection and neural system disorder. It’s because symptoms of IC may overlap with those conditions. Diagnosis of exclusion is the first step. Next is to treat.

IC is recently treated using CRS urinary infection technology , bladder instillation and physical therapy. However, these treatment are only temporarily effective , not radical cure may cause more severe outcome. So is it incurable? Of course not , Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the medicine to cure IC, which is produced after successful clinical experience.

Symptoms of early stage patients are urinary frequency, urinary urgency and pain in urination. Inducing diuresis , in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, is to discharge the inflammatory materials from bladder wall. Symptoms of next stage patients are mucosa edema fibrosis and hyperplasia on bladder wall, reduced capacity of bladder. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine , it’s promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis , to restore flexibility of the bladder wall. Thereby , the symptoms are reducing. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a  formula for stop bleeding to treat specific patients.

Kindly reminder: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is effective to treat IC. The examination of western medicine with the theory of Chinese medicine make the therapy complete ,and its the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine.