Symptoms of cystitis and causes of cystitis

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Symptoms of cystitis
A person with cystitis always wants to urinate. Urine output is often low. The emission of urine is difficult and painful and is usually associated with burning sensation felt in urination. Cystitis pain can also be found in the back or lower abdomen. In cystitis it should be noted that sometimes the urine emitts a bad smell. Cystitis is often without serious consequences, but in some cases cystitis can lead to complications, such as the development of kidney infections. In case of suspicious symptoms (like blood in urine), discuss this immediately with your family doctor.
Causes of cystitis
Commonly cystitis is caused by spasms in the blood vessels. However, this infection also can be caused tight underwear or pants, longtime sitting, bad personal hygiene and so on. 
Cystitis has been also found to be result not only after the cold of legs or abdomen, but it can also be cause by cold of hands, so make sure you wear gloves when weather is cold.
Cystitis, as one of the unpleasant inflammation of the UTI caused by colon bacillus, also can be caused by ureplazma chlamydia candida fungal and other infections, resulting sharp, burning pain in lower abdominal area, frequent urination and urgent urination. Therefore, it really is an unpleasant disease that must be treated timely and immediately.
Compare women and men, most of its victims are men, for women's urethra is short and their vagina is close to anus, so infection can invade and get into women's urinary tract easily.

If you suspect that you have had cystitis, you should contact your doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. But the disease is so complicated that herbal product should be suggested to take. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is usually recommended to use if you take cystitis for a long time. You just need to take them two packages a day with three meals. After three months, your condition will get great improvements.