Cranberry products were effective in preventing urinary tract infections

Date:2018-12-04 click:0

An article in Evidence Based Medication 2013 found that cranberry products (especially fresh cranberry juice) were effective in preventing urinary tract infections in women and children.  Dosing was more successful if given twice daily.Generally juice dosing in medial studies have ranged from 1.7 ounces to 8 ounces split in twice daily dosing.

Many patients tell me they try cranberry juice and cranberry tablets to prevent UTI’s, but are not sure if this homeopathic therapy is effective.   Now, a recent review article has demonstrated that drinking cranberry juice may provide the answer both physicians and patients are seeking. 

For patients with recurrent bladder infections and those who have developed antibiotic resistance to commonly prescribed medications, it is especially welcoming news that medical research supports the use of twice daily cranberry juice to decrease the frequency and severity of UTI’s.
Personally, I prefer to believe that more bio-availability (better intestinal absorption) is achieved with fresh cranberries and cranberry juice than processed tablets. While cranberry tablets are available at most grocery stores, be cautious as there are no FDA ( Food and Drug Association) quality controls on cranberry content or other additives and their efficacy in relieving UTI symptoms could be called into question.  However,before you run to the store to select your juice,, realize there is high sugar content in most cranberry cocktails and consider a sugar free alternative for greater health benefits ( especially if you are diabetic).
According to a study review, cranberry’s success in preventing UTI’s is its chemical properties that prevent adherence of bacteria (particularlyEnterococcus Ecoli) to the sidewalls of the bladder. However, cranberry juice does not prevent the presence of bacteria within the bladder and its protective qualities may only be adequate for limited types of bacterial bladder infections. 
If you develop painful urination, low back pain and fever, it is always best to seek immediate medical attention for your UTI as all infections become more serious without medical intervention. If you have a tendency to suffer from 3 or more bladder infections annually, be sure to discuss with your physician options for UTI prevention including cranberry intervention.