What is interstitial cystitis and how to cure it?

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Cystitis is a common infection of the urinary tract diseases, which is up to 50% to 70% of the total amount. It is induced by bacterial infection. The main pathogen is Escherichia coli. Cystitis is commonly happening among women because the urinary tract of women is shorter than men and adjacent to anus. Thus, it is more easily for Escherichia coli to invade. The most typical symptoms of cystitis are frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, and even urge incontinence. Blood urine and purulent urine also may be seen in some cases. 

Interstitial cystitis(IC) is a kind of specific chronic cystitis. It is more likely to happen to females. Through cystoscopy we can find the capacity of bladder decreased. On the bottom of bladder and triangle area, there is blood under mucosa. It is not easy to be found by the prior examination. It can only be found when the bladder is full. In additional, we can also see the villiform congestion on the top of bladder, of which the scale is up to a radius of 1~1.5cm and the middle part appears yellow. 

The causes of interstitial cystitis have not been figured out yet. In histology, there is no bacteria, virus, or fungus detected in the clinical cases. Someone has ever found antibody to the interstitial cystitis, so it is recognized as a kind of autoimmunity disease. Yet there are others who believe that this disease is transformed from neurological diseases.  

Like some other genital diseases, interstitial cystitis is also very difficult to predict. For the middle-aged women, if you have severe frequency of urination, urgent urination or increasing of night urination, you should immediately think of interstitial cystitis. Some other symptoms it including that: when the bladder is full, there is an evident pain in the upper part of pubis. Sometimes, they can also have pain in the urinary tract and perineum. The symptoms would be relieved after urination. Blood urination would appear occasionally. 

Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine always suggest people to treat interstitial cystitis by herbal medicine: diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Even though it has not been widely accepted by people all over the world, Chinese herbal medicine do actually succeed in curing diseases, especially for some chronic and stubborn diseases which can not be cured by the normal medicine.