Natural treatment ways for bladder infection you have to know

Date:2018-12-04 click:0
Bladder infection is also called as cystitis, its symptoms include mainly a bad smell, cloudy urine and pains in the affected areas. Even though Bladder infection is not a life-threatening disease, however, if left untreated, it can become a serious health problem when the infection spreads to your kidneys or it can cause some other diseases in the reproductive systems.
Of Course, bladder infection can be treated by many options such as antibiotic like trimethoprim, amoxicillin, cephalosporins, Nitrofurantoin and so on, but today I'd like to introduce some natural ways for bladder infection people.
The chief treatment I attach importance on introducing is "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill". It is a natural and effective treatment for bladder infection without any bad effect. Generally Speaking, Bladder infection is commonly caused by the bacterial infection, considering that antibiotics have usually drug resistance and side-effects, therefore, it is better for patients to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to replace it. And this herbal pill won't bring damages to liver and kidney. What's more, this herbal medicine also can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation, dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis and improve Qi and release pains. Meanwhile, this pill won't bring drug resistance to patients, either. Thus, no matter how long you have to take it, the curative effect will be as good as the first day. According to the statitis on curing the bladder infection, three months treatment will be enough.
In addition, besides the natural herbal treatment, another natural ways of treatment is also needed.
1. Drink some cranberry juice. To remove the inflammation, you need to imbibe cranberry juice or tablets. However, please be noticed that those who have a history of kidney problems aren't recommended to adopt this remedy as it can exacerbate their condition. 
2. Eat some fruits. Bacteria can also be dissipated when you snack on fruits such as pineapple, blueberries, or apples.
3. Apply hot water to compress when having pains. In order to relieve the pain caused by the bladder infection, you can apply hot water compress on your pelvic region. In order to treat the condition, you may require surgery in the worst-case scenario.
These ways I mentioned above can all help patient get rid of bladder infection, a combination of the natural herbal treatment and good living habits will be the best for bladder infection patients. However, Prevention is always better than treatment, patients have to pay much more attention to the disease and do good healthy care everyday, and they can also choose a 30-minute exercise for each day to enhance immunity system.