Can Drinking More Water And Holding Urine Make the Bladder Bigger?

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Drinking more water and holding urine will not make the bladder bigger. We can compare the bladder to a balloon with good compressibility. A lot of urine is stored in it, which is within a constant range.


Generally speaking, if the volume of our urine storage reaches 200 ml, we will have urine. When the urine is close to 400ml, people want to go to the bathroom. Until the urine reaches 500 ml, our bladder muscles will be enlarged. The upper limit of the volume is 800 ml. In this period, if you don't go to the toilet, the urine will likely pour out.

Although the bladder will not get bigger and bigger, if you often hold urine, the following problems will likely occur:

1. Urine incontinence

If you often hold your urine, it will easily lead to urinary incontinence after a long time. Especially for females, the physiological structure of females is different from that of men. If you often hold urine for a long time, it will lead to discomfort in your body. It is not good for health, and at the same time, it is also a very embarrassing thing.

2. The bladder ruptured

Although your bladder will not be swollen due to frequent holding of urine, it can cause your bladder to rupture if you hold urine for a long time. This is not good for your health. After the bladder ruptures, it is easy to cause urine to disperse. It is likely to spread all over your body, which is bad for your health.

3. Frequent urination or urinary stones

In the process of holding urine, the muscles that control urine have been in a state of contraction. For example, holding urine for a long time can easily dull them. The work of "receive" and "release" is disrupted and prone to frequent urination. In addition, if the urine stays in the bladder for a long time, it will likely slowly crystallize and form stones. If the stone is too large, it may cause urinary tract obstruction and urinary retention.

4. Infertility

If women hold urine, it may lead to pain during sexual intercourse and even infertility because holding urine will fill a woman's bladder and compress the uterus. After the uterus is compressed for a long time, it will cause back pain, abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. It may stimulate pelvic congestion, causing pelvic inflammation and other gynecological diseases. If you suffer from gynecological diseases that cannot be cured for a long time, it may affect pregnancy, so holding urine can also cause infertility. If males hold urine, it will also cause male sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, affecting fertility.

5. Heart and cerebrovascular diseases

Some people, especially older adults, often have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and other diseases. The elasticity of the small arteries in the brain is relatively poor, and they can bear less stress. Holding urine for a long time will increase blood pressure and even cause cerebral blood vessel rupture and bleeding.

What should you do to protect the bladder?

Don't hold your urine. First, you should go to the toilet before going out, including before work, to avoid enlarging your bladder. Go to urinate in time when you feel like urinating. In this way, it is good for your bladder.

Secondly, if you often hold your urine, you should reduce the frequency of drinking water. Supplementing a lot of water is good for your health, but if you often hold urine, it is not good for your health. At this point, reducing the frequency of drinking water is good for health.

Finally, minimize the frequency of drinking water before going to bed. Before going to bed, you should remember to urinate first and empty your bladder. Be careful not to drink water after 9 o'clock. In this way, the burden on the kidneys can be reduced, and it can be good for your health.

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