Can Cystitis Lead to Sexual Apathy?

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In fact, under normal circumstances, cystitis does not affect sexual function because it is a lower urinary tract infection, so it mainly affects the urination function of the human body. For example, it will cause patients to have frequent urination, urgency, urination pain, and hematuria, and in severe cases, it will also lead to urinary retention. 


However, if the patient ignores it in the early stage of the disease, delayed treatment or the non-standard use of drugs during treatment will lead to lingering and chronic inflammation, which will cause bladder swelling and affect the normal ejaculation function and cause pain during sexual life. It may have an impact on sexual function and thus leads to sexual apathy.


Causes of sexual apathy caused by cystitis


1. Uncomfortable symptoms make sexual life impossible to proceed smoothly, leading to sexual apathy.


Cystitis will not only bring patients frequent urination, urgency, urination pain, and other symptoms of urination discomfort but also cause pain in the patient's perineum and lower abdomen. Whether it is the symptoms of urination discomfort or local swelling pain, it will make the patient unable to have sex smoothly, resulting in a lack of sexual pleasure. 

Over time, there will be sexual apathy. In addition, forced sex will also lead to the aggravation of the disease. In the long run, it will cause a vicious circle, and the patient's sexual indifference will become more serious.


2. Concurrency of reproductive system diseases, leading to sexual apathy


Cystitis is a urinary system disease. Because the male urinary system and the reproductive system are connected, when the inflammation is not effectively controlled, it will spread to the reproductive system, involving the prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymal testicles, and other reproductive organs, causing inflammation of the reproductive system such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis. And these diseases will affect the sexual function of patients and lead to sexual apathy.


3. Negative emotions affect sexual life, leading to sexual indifference


When acute cystitis turns into chronic cystitis, due to the difficulty of treatment, uncomfortable symptoms will repeatedly appear, so some patients will have negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, which will not only affect the treatment effect but also affect sexual life, leading to sexual apathy.


To sum up, if patients with cystitis are treated correctly and effectively in the early stage of the onset of the disease, this disease will not lead to the patient's sexual apathy. But if the treatment is delayed and becomes chronic inflammation, it may lead to the patient's sexual apathy. Therefore, to avoid causing more and greater harm, the patient must treat the disease in time. If there have been repeated attacks and long-lasting cases of this disease, you can consider traditional Chinese medicine, such as Dr. Li's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, for treatment to avoid the aggravation of the disease caused by antibiotic resistance.


Daily precautions for cystitis


The daily precautions for patients with cystitis are mainly as follows:


First, eat less or abstain from spicy and irritating food, avoid smoking, and alcohol, and do proper exercise.


Second, the regularity of sexual life. Sexual intercourse shouldn't be too frequent, and you can't abstain from sex.


Third, pay attention to hygiene. Pay attention to personal hygiene in daily and sexual life, and change underwear frequently.


Fourth, patients with cystitis should not wear tight clothes in daily life.


Fifth, choose toilet paper carefully and avoid using leached toilet paper.


Sixth, patients with cystitis should avoid overwork and often stay up late, so as not to aggravate the disease.

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