How to Follow Chronic Cystitis Diet?

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Chronic cystitis is a painful urinary disease for men. It is usually the result of incomplete treatment and recurrent attacks of acute cystitis. Chronic cystitis has a relatively long course and is prone to recurrence, so patients with chronic cystitis cannot rely on medication alone. They need to be treated by adjusting their diet and lifestyle simultaneously. Otherwise, the symptoms of chronic cystitis are straightforwardly to be aggravated.

Patients with chronic cystitis should eat vegetables and fruits with diuretic and detoxifying effects. For example, patients can eat some wax gourd, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It can clear heat, detoxify the body, and have a diuretic effect. It can reduce bladder irritation signs and positively impact the relief of chronic cystitis. 
Patients can eat pears or grapefruits to clear heat and detoxify the body. Besides, patients can eat more fresh vegetables rich in fiber, which can promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce constipation, and help discharge the toxins in the body. Patients should avoid spicy, greasy, and stimulating diets, such as chili, mustard, ginger, and garlic. They should keep a distance from alcohol and cigarette.
So, specifically, what patients can take dietary treatments with chronic cystitis? The following three dietary treatments are recommended:
1. Poria, adzuki bean, and barley porridge. Poria, adzuki beans, barley and other ingredients are prepared in the right amount. The three ingredients are washed and put into the pot, and then add about 1000 ml of water into the pot. Cook them in accordance with the way the porridge is cooked. When the barley is cooked thoroughly, the porridge is ready. This diet can enhance the resistance of chronic cystitis patients, and it has the effect of detoxification of heat in the body. So poria, adzuki bean, and barley porridge are very helpful to chronic cystitis patients' health.
2. Adzuki bean and beef soup. First, prepare adzuki beans and beef in the appropriate amount. Cut the beef into suitable sizes of cubes, and then stew beef cubes with adzuki beans. During the process, an appropriate amount of garlic can be added to get a fresher and more delicious taste. This soup has a diuretic and drenching effect, which is conducive to the health of patients with chronic cystitis.
3. Codonopsis pilosula and astragali porridge. Prepare appropriate amounts of codonopsis pilosula, astragali, lycium chinensis, and round-grained rice. Decoct the above three herbs with water to remove the dregs and extract the juice, then wash the round-grained rice and cook it into porridge. When the porridge is almost cooked, add in the liquid and continue to cook for 10 minutes. Take 1 dose daily, divided into 2 doses. This porridge contains B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and other nutrients and has a diuretic function, improving patients' resistance.
Although these dietary remedies effectively treat chronic cystitis, patients should not eat them randomly. They should be used under medical advice.
In a word, diseases need to be treated and regulated, especially in the case of chronic diseases such as chronic cystitis. The treatment of this disease should not be done in a hurry, nor should it be done by increasing the dose of a certain drug or food therapy. 
Otherwise, it will be ineffective in the cure and may lead to other diseases. In addition to maintaining a light diet and eating more vegetables and fruits, patients can eat more foods that are rich in coarse fiber grains and cereals. At the same time, patients with chronic cystitis should drink more water and urinate more, which will help to relieve their symptoms. 
In addition, patients can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has a good effect of clearing heat, detoxifying the body, being diuretic and drenching. Taking it can relieve the discomfort of patients with chronic cystitis and help them restore health as soon as possible.
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