TCM Approach on Chronic Cystitis Relief

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Chronic Cystitis is a kind of urinary tract infectious disease with high incidence of occurence. Today we're going to talk about its symptoms and the TCM way of curing it.
Symptoms of cystitis
1. Bladder irritation
Frequency and urgency of urination, pain and discomfort while urinating are the most typical of the symptoms. Sometimes burning sensation can also occur at the urethral orifice. When the condition is serious, the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency will be more obvious, and even the symptoms of urinary incontinence will appear.
2. Urinary abnormalities
Patients with cystitis often have muddy urine, accompanied by putrid odor, pus cells, and some patients also have symptoms of hematuria (hematuria treatment).
3. Perineal pain
When the urine fills the bladder of patients with cystitis, there will be obvious pain in the suprapubic area, and sometimes there will be symptoms of pain in both urethra and perineum, but the symptoms will be relieved after urination.
4. Systemic symptoms
Some patients with cystitis also have symptoms of lumbar pain and fever, but the body temperature usually does not exceed 38.0 degrees Celsius. In addition, the white blood cells in the blood of the patients also increase. They often feel weak, depressed and dreamy.
TCM Approach to Chronic Cystitis treatment

Because of the side effects of chemical medicine antibiotics, and drug resistance along with repeated recurrence without ultimate cure, safe and non-side effected natural therapy has become the first choice for many patients of chronic cystitis.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) seeks its root in treating diseases, is good at giving full play to the overall balance while focusing on the dialectical treatment. When a lesion occurs somewhere in the human body, TCM will focus on the overall pathological changes caused by local lesions, and integrate the local pathological changes with the overall pathological response.

By looking, smelling, asking and feeling the pulse, we can understand and judge the intrinsic pathological changes in order to make a correct diagnosis and carry out appropriate treatment.
TCM divides cystitis into the category of "gonorrhea syndrome" , and Dr.Lee Xiaoping of Wuhan Clinic believes the symptoms of urinary pain and lower abdominal discomfort is caused by the dysfunction of Qi and blood, so it is necessary to relieve pain by promoting blood circulation and activating Qi function. 
In addition, according to the clinical data worldwide, 75% of cystitis is caused by E. coli, so the medication needes to have bactericidal as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Based on this theory, after more than 30 years of clinical research, Dr.Lee finally invented a TCM formula which can cure chronic cystitis with almost no recurrence.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains more than 50 kinds of herbal ingredients, such as plantago seed, fringed pink, polygonum aviculare, peach kernel, safflower, cordate houttuynia, the seed of cowherb, etc. The use of leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds of these herbs not only make the medication an antidote as effective as broad-spectrum antibiotics, but also make it a  prescription of heat clearing, detoxifying and microcirculation activating.

Patients get a complete cure with enhanced immunity and self-healing ability and the vesical function returns to normal.