The lesions caused by glandular cystitis can be prevented by the TCM treatment effectively

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Glandular cystitis, a kind of cystitis, can cause the symptoms of recurrent and refractory urinary frequency and urgency. Besides, in recent years, the incidence of glandular cystitis also shows a trend of increasing. And if the disease is not taken timely treatment, some lesions can be induced. Here, the herbalist Dr. Lee from Wuhan will introduce the lesions caused by glandular cystitis and the successful case with the TCM treatment. 
1.It may lead to renal edema and nephritis; even it may cause a serious kidney necrosis and uremia, endangering the lives and health of the patients.
The glandular cystitis can cause fibrosis of the bladder, and the capacity of the bladder can be reduced, causing ureteral reflux. Thus, on this condition, renal edema and kidney inflammation can be induced. Clinically, if patients appear the symptoms of fibrosis, please do not worry about so much, the herbal pill diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which have the functions of stranguria-relieving diuretic, anti-fibrosis works effectively.  
2. It may lead to the occurrence of renal tuberculosis
If patients take active antimicrobial therapy, but the symptoms like urinary tract infections or abnormal urinary sediment also appears. Patients need to be aware that the symptoms are often the important signs of the renal tuberculosis. 
3. It may cause bladder cancer
Glandular cystitis is a rare non-neoplastic inflammatory lesion. At present, glandular cystitis is considered a precancerous lesion, and some risk factors can promote the transformation of glandular cystitis to bladder cancer. When there is some macroscopic hematuria, patients need to be alert; this symptom is a unique bladder voiding dysfunction signals.   
In summary, the 3 lesions caused by glandular cystitis can bring serious bad effects to people.  Thus, a timely treatment should be taken to prevent the occurrence of the subsequent diseases. According to TCM therapy, if patients want to prevent the complications, they need cure the disease both symptoms and the root causes. Therefore, if patients want to prevent the lesions, the glandular cystitis should be cured firstly. 
According to the medical survey, the TCM treatment like Diuretic anti-inflammatory pill can have the functions of clearing away heat and killing bacteria, softening hardness and dissipating mass. With the herbal pill, the inflammation and the fibrosis can be diminished effectively and thoroughly. 
Besides, the herbal pill is completely made by Chinese herbs. Thus, the glandular cystitis can be cured effectively and naturally, without side effects and drug resistance. Commonly, patients can get the completely treatment in about 3 months. Therefore, with the complete treatment of the glandular cystitis, the lesions can be prevented effectively.