The postoperative pain of glandular cystitis patients may be caused by infections

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In clinic, the causes of glandular cystitis are unclear, but the number of the patients is increased steadily, so the treatment of this disease becomes the focus. For the treatment of this disease, many patients may adopt more transurethral resection and electrocautery surgery, and take postoperative intravesical instillation to treat this disease. Although these therapies can remove lesions, in fact postoperative pain is occurred in some patients. Expert explains that postoperative pain of glandular cystitis patients may be caused by infections after surgery. 

Take Ms. Zhang for example, she has suffered from glandular cystitis for over 3 years. Her main symptoms are recurrent urinary frequency and dysuria. During the three years, she took a lot of medicine, but in vain. So she chose transurethral resection with postoperative intravesical therapy. Unexpectedly, after a few months, she still felt pain. She took some checkups in hospital, and found that her glandular cystitis was cured, the postoperative pain is caused by infections after the surgery. 
In fact, there are many patients like Ms. Zhang in clinical cases. The postoperative urinary tract infections are also very common. When infected, patients may appear the symptoms like pain, frequency, urgency and other symptoms. What is worse, surgery also has a high probability of relapse as it only removes the lesions but it can’t eliminate the inflammation from the root. 
For these reasons, many patients are prone to choose the conservative TCM treatment for glandular cystitis. In the view of TCM, the symptoms like frequency, urgency, hematuria and burning sensation can be considered as “heat stranguria”(internal thermal of the human body); the symptoms like abdominal discomfort, pain and other symptoms are considered as unblocked Qi and blood, dampness-heat in lower Jiao. 
So for the treatment of this disease, herbal medicines like the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, which can promote diuresis and relieve stranguria, activate blood and resolve stasis, and clear heat and resolve dampness are necessary, . 
Glandular cystitis can bring much harm to patients, choosing the right treatment therapy is the key. Compared with surgery, TCM can not only cure the disease, but also reduce the lesions and pain for patients. Of course, if the disease condition is severer, patients can take the surgery first and then take the oral diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
In a word, if the patients appear the long-term postoperative pain, the infections after the surgery can be taken into consideration. At this time, patients can take the TCM treatment to get a completely cure.