Antibiotics, TCM and surgery treatments for chronic follicular cystitis

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Follicular cystitis (FC), a rare and non-specific inflammatory disease of the bladder, primarily affects women and is characterized by the presence of lymphoid follicles in the lamina propria of the bladder wall. It is also a non-cancerous response to chronic bacterial infection. 
For the cause of this disease, various causative etiologies have been proposed including inflammation and bacterial infection. Although a causative agent has not been clearly identified, FC is frequently associated with prolonged or repeated urinary tract infections. For the treatment of this disease, antibiotics, TCM and surgery treatments are always applied. 
In generally, patients are often treated with antibiotics or managed similarly to other chronic cystitis. For the treatment of this disease, vitamin A and antibiotics like prednisone have been described. Therapies that are similar to IC treatments are also sometimes used, including pentosan polysulfate sodium and dimethyl sulfoxide as well as antidepressants such as amitriptyline and duloxetine. Patients may need to go to a larger and more advanced medical center in your area for therapy, your Urologist/Doctor will be able to guide you. However, antibiotics can play a role quickly but it isn’t suitable for long-term treatment. 
Besides, follicular cystitis is a sort of chronic cystitis. The sign of this disease condition is that follicles can be found on the prostate and they are surrounded by mucosa with inflammation. Symptoms of follicular cystitis are almost the same as bladder infection. In the concept of TCM, it belongs to the disease which is caused by obstruction of heat and dampness at lower abdomen. 
For these reasons, diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill can cure follicular cystitis by clearing away obstruction of heat and dampness at lower abdomen, promoting blood and Qi circulation, dissipating hard lumps and eliminating the fibrosis and hyperplasia. It works slowly but it can cure this disease radically. It is a better and conservative treatment for this disease.
Follicular cystitis is a proliferative benign lesion which can become locally malignant. Conservative treatments do work; however, when they fails, surgical resection is necessary, including cystectomy in extreme refractory cases. Resection can also be applied for those patients who develop bulk infiltrative disease causing dysuria or obstructive symptomatology. However, surgeries can bring damage to patients, that is, the surgical treatment may damage the normal functions of the bladder.
In summary, every treatment has its unique advantages; patients can choose one according to their disease conditions. According to the clinical experience, the TCM treatment is the most prevail in patients.