4 common anti-inflammatory drugs for interstitial cystitis

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Interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition in women and men. Those who have this condition commonly experience bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain, ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain.
How to cure the interstitial cystitis? Before answering this question, it is important for us to figure out the causes of IC. Although the exact causes of interstitial cystitis are still unknown, some researches show that the these factors like autoimmune reaction, heredity, infection or allergy are all possible causes of interstitial cystitis. 
Therefore, anti-inflammatory drugs become the most commonly used treatment for interstitial cystitis. Here is brief introduction of 4 commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs for interstitial cystitis.
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is a patented herbal medicine of Dr. Lee, the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic. By combining different herbs into together, this herbal medicine has strong ability of clearing infection, inflammatory and toxic materials. What’s more, this herbal medicine also has other amazing functions that other treatment doesn’t have. It can improve the self-healing ability and also can enhance the immunity. Therefore, it is the first anti-inflammatory pill that should be introduced. 
Sulfamethoxazole is a commonly used medicine for interstitial cystitis. This medicine is commonly used to prevent the formation of dihydrofolic acid, a compound that bacteria must be able to make in order to survive. Although this medicine is widely used to cure the interstitial cystitis before, its effect isn’t very good. Sulfamethoxazole is now used primarily in combination with other types of anti-bacterial drugs. But its effect is only a little better for IC. This is second one that should be introduced. 
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate is also a frequently used medicine for interstitial cystitis, even though it is a commonly used antacid to treat heartburn, acid ingestion and upset stomach. Generally speaking, this herbal medicine is always used with other anti-inflammatory pills to cure the interstitial cystitis. So, if you want to cure your interstitial cystitis only with this medicine, it is impossible. This is the third one that should be introduced. But please remember that this one should be used in combination with other medicine.
This is the last type of medicine that should be introduced. This medicine can also be used to cure interstitial cystitis. But this medicine can also bring lots of side effects to patients, including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, abnormal taste and swelling of the tongue. Therefore, it is not suitable for a long term taking. What’s more, this medicine is also better be combined with other type of anti-inflammatory pills. 
The four mentioned above are frequently used medicines for interstitial cystitis. Please choose one from them based on your own conditions.