What Cause Frequent UTI? Do You Know How to Cure It?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Are you too busy with work even have no time to go to washroom? Did you have uncomfortable feeling for always keeping a full bladder? If you have increased urgency, frequency or pain when urinate, you may have UTI. Women get UTI more often than men, the scale is about 8:1. But men can get UTI also and it troubles men a lot, especially in summer. Sometimes men get frequent UTI by eating too much antibiotics, so before using antibiotics, men should make sure what kind of bacteria caused their UTIs. Also for lower UTI, they can try TCMs for treatments.

Often UTI is divided into lower UTI and UTI. If get lower UTI, patients often  feel increased frequency,  urgency and pain when urinate, there is burning feeling in urinary tract when urinate, often they don't urinate a lot every time. In the end of the urination there is pain in lower abdomen, sometimes they can see blood in urine by eyes, seldom patients even have waist pain or lower fever. If get UTI, besides increased urgency, frequency, pain when urinate, blood in urine, patients can often have waist pain and they are afraid of cold, with high fever, the temperature for them is often between 38~40℃, have no strength, no appetite, sometimes they even have nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and extreme pain in belly.

A doctor said, after knowing they have UTI, some patients use medicine blindly, for this, she suggested that medicines should be used according to what kind of bacteria caused the UTI, it shouldn't be blindly. For it can cause frequent UTI often. Even the rate of men getting UTI is much lower than women's, but expert said" For old men, whose immunity is decreased by getting older, or for men had catheter histories, they are easy to get UTI, so they must pay enough attention to the disease.

There is a better way to cure UTI, that is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a type of TCM. It will not cause drug resistance even taking for a long period of time, and often patients can be cured within several months. It has no side effect neither, so it is safe and green just like food we have. For patients get UTI, they often need to be careful of food they eat, they can't drink milk, soybean milk or things contain saccharose. Neither spicy, stimulating food or food contain a lot of sugar can be eaten by them, for these food can make the stimulating in urinary tract more terrible and make urination difficult.