For Bladder Infection, Are Home Remedies Effective?

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There are several types of bladder infections, they can be included in chronic bladder infection and acute bladder infection. If you pay enough attention to preventions of bladder infection, you will not get it so easy, but once you get the disease, you need to find a good treatment, there are some home remedies for the disease, but are they effective? It will be discussed later.

Chronic bladder infection
For chronic bladder infection, it is not as serious as the acute one, but it will trouble you now and then for a long time, there are a few or medium amount of pus or erythrocyte.

Acute bladder infection
1. Burning when urinating or often want to urinate, it is very urgent, sometimes even have uracratia.
2. Pain during urination and in the end of the urination your lower abdomen is painful.
3. Your urine is not clear and sometimes there is blood inside.

Home remedies
1. Corn porridge. Add 50g corn into suitable amount of water then cook porridge, add a little salt and eat the porridge before eating anything.
2. Barley porridge. Levigate 50g barley, add suitable amount of brown sugar when cooking the porridge.
3. Bamboo leaf porridge. Boil fresh bamboo leaves about 30-45g, gypsum about 15-30g, rice about 50-100g together and add a little sugar.
4. Green beans porridge. Boil 50g green beans and 50g wheat together, add a little sugar.
5. Plantain Seed porridge. Wrap 10-15g Plantain Seed by a clean cloth, boil it and take the juice, add 50g rice and water into the juice without Plantain Seed.

If home remedies can’t make you feel better or your situation is very serious, then you will need to take medical treatment by antibiotics or TCM.
1. Antibiotics can be effective at the beginning, but only rely on them to control the infection is not enough, they have side effects let alone patients are easily to get the disease again in the near future.
2. A type of TCM-Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill which is totally safe and green like food we eat, by this way, also try some healthy diets good for curing bladder infection, patients can often recover within several months.
1. Drink more water, it will be better about 2L every day.
2. Urinate when needed immediately, don’t keep a full bladder.
3. Be careful of personal hygiene, change underwear when needed.
4. Before and after having sex, do partial clean well, urinate when needed before and after sexual intercourse.