6 Alternative Treatments For Patients With Bladder Infection

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Bladder infection is usually caused by bacteria. Both men and women can be infected by this disease. Though this disease can bring many urinary disorders to patients, it can be cured with a combination of medical treatments and home remedies. Here are several alternative treatments for patients with bladder infection.


Antibiotics are commonly used for patients with severe bladder infection. It can be efficiently kill the bacteria which can cause the infection. If the symptoms are minor, the infection can disappear on its own. Commonly, the symptoms can last for one day or two. It’s better not to use antibiotics too frequently since it can come out drug resistance.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a kind of TCM. This herbal medicine has cured many sufferers with bladder infection. The herbs in the pill have the properties of clearing away heat and toxins to kill the bacteria, promoting the blood and qi circulation to relieve the pain and inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. Because of its herbal formula, it has no side effects so patients can have continuous treatment. 

Drink more water to increase the urination

Bladder infection patients can drink more water to increase the urination so that the bacteria in the bladder can be flushed out, thus, the infection can be eliminated faster.   It also can be helpful to dilute your urine so as to relieving the painful urination. The urination is a process of discharging the metabolic waste, if the bladder in infected, there will be pain during urinating. The diluted urine can relieve the pain.

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