Bifurcation of the Urinary Stream: Signal of Urethritis

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Causes of urinary bifurcation in men

1. During the period of acute urethritis and acute prostatitis, due to urethral congestion, swelling and secretion increase, the unobstructed urethra is affected and bifurcation of urination occurs.

2. Urethral stricture or scar caused by chronic inflammation. Recurrent attacks of urethritis are common, resulting in scarring of the urethral intima tissue, narrowing the local urethra, resulting in poor urination and bifurcation of urine.

3. Long prepuce and phimosis lead to stricture of urethral orifice, obstruction of small stones at urethral orifice and bifurcation of urine. Those with bifurcation of urine caused by this kind of reason should be checked and diagnosed at the hospital as soon as possible in order to facilitate timely treatment.

4. Long-term bifurcation of urine, as long as the urination bifurcate, it is a pathology. Commonly is suffering from urethritis, because of repeated attacks of inflammation, long time after the formation of scars in part of the urethral intima tissue, resulting in part of urethral stricture, will occur bifurcation and dysuria phenomenon.

Urinary routine examination may be performed for bifurcation of urine

Urinary routine is one of the "three routine" items in medical examination. Proteinuria or urinary sediment can occur early in many kidney diseases. It also has important reference value for the diagnosis of some systemic diseases and other diseases affecting urine changes such as diabetes, hematological diseases, liver and gallbladder diseases, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and so on.

At the same time, urine test can also reflect the treatment effect and prognosis of some diseases. The corresponding symptoms can be judged by this examination.

What should we do in routine urine examination?

1. When retaining urine specimens, choose a wide-mouth glass bottle that can hold more than 20 milliliters in advance, and wash it before using it.

2. It's better to take the first urine sample in the morning for examination. When taking urine, it's better to take some first.

3. Female patients should not take urine for examination during menstruation.

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