Family Therapy for Urinary Tract Infection of Men

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Urinary tract infection usually due to the inflammatory response of the urothelial epithelium to bacterial invasion, usually with bacteriuria and pyuria. If we don’t put it under control and adopt treatment timely, it is easy to relapse and cause uremia or kidney failure. 
In our daily life, we can take some effective measures to prevent and relieve the occurrence or symptoms of urinary tract infection.
1. Take plenty of water to ward off bacteria: Since the amount of water your body takes in and out is roughly the same. Therefore it's important to drink between 1,500 and 2,000 milliliters of water a day to keep your urine volume up. In addition to flushing out toxins, another important function of the urethra is to flush the urethra, which can reduce the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.
2. Smoke and drink less: The occurrence of urethral infection is closely related to unprofitable lifestyle such as smoking and drinking, which is because tobacco and alcohol will stimulate mucosal tissues and cause tissue congestion, reducing the immunity of the body. When harmful bacteria increase, urinary tract infection is more likely to appear.
3. Avoid sitting down for a long time, don't wear tight pants: It is estimated that 80% of urinary tract infections are caused by colibacillus. The sedentary habit of sitting for a long time will keep the vulva in a humid and sultry state, which will accelerate the growth of bacteria. When it is coupled with leggings, the air permeability is even worse and leads to poorer blood circulation.
4. Early prevention and timely treatment: Once you are found with frequent urge of urination, pain in urination, fever, backache and other symptoms, you must go to a authoritative hospital in time for treatment. Treatment must follow the principle of prompt and sufficient course. Otherwise urinary tract infections are likely to recur.
Urinary tract infection treatment is mainly focused on the improvement of abnormal urination, blood circulation and bacterial activity. How about trying natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill? 
Its natural effect of sterilization and detoxification, diuresis and blood circulation promotion is especially obvious on lower urinary tract infection, and it can play a certain prohibition role. Many patients with lower urinary tract infections, such as cystitis and urethritis, have been successfully cured without recurrence and enhanced immunity.