This is How to Deal With Bladder Infection

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Bladder infection is a relatively common urinary tract infection, it will change the urination habits of patients, affecting their life and work, if patients do not receive timely treatment, or receive inappropriate treatment, it will cause other complications, but also to lead to secondary diseases, so bladder infection requires our great attention.
1. Mucosal hyperplasia
Mucosal hyperplasia is one of the main causes of bladder infection. Generally, as long as mucosal hyperplasia occurs, the volume of bladder decreases and blockage may occur, which will lead to the emergence of bacteria that can not be released in time and easily lead to damage to the bladder.
2. Unhealthy living habits
For example, people who often go to public places or share a bath towel with others, bad living habits will lead to the emergence of bladder infection, as well as people who have the habit of voiding in peacetime, it is also relatively easy to cause urinary organ infection and inflammation.
3. Poor immunity
Normally, the normal bladder has a more strong resistance to bacteria. As long as people drink more water in their daily lives, it is not easy to get a bladder infection. But for those who have poor immunity, they are easily attacked by bacteria. Therefore, those people must exercise more to enhance their immunity in their daily lives.
4. Infection of pyogenic bacteria

Its causes include stones, foreign bodies, tumors or obstructive diseases, including urinary dysfunction due to nervous system diseases.
Bladder infection is generally divided into two types: acute cystitis and chronic cystitis. Acute cystitis is mainly caused by mucosal congestion, edema, hemorrhage, and ulceration, with pus or necrotic tissue. Chronic cystitis is mainly caused by mucosal hyperplasia or atrophy, patients with chronic bladder infection will have granulation tissue, fibrous tissue proliferation, bladder volume reduction, or muscle hypertrophy, bladder volume increase and even diverticulum formation caused by complications of obstruction.

1. General treatment
Patients need enough rest, drinking more water to increase urine volume, pay attention to nutrition, avoid stimulating food, patients with obvious bladder irritation symptoms can be treated with spasmolytic drugs to alleviate symptoms.
2. Observation
Some special cases of asymptomatic bacteriuria patients do not need conventional antimicrobial therapy, they just need to observe the condition.
3. Antibacterial Drug Treatment
Antimicrobial therapy is the main treatment for urinary tract infections. It is recommended that antimicrobial agents be selected according to the drug sensitivity test. If symptoms do not disappear, urinary pus cells continue to exist and bacterial culture is still positive, we should consider bacterial resistance or the inducement of infection, choosing more sensitive antibiotics, prolong the treatment in order to achieve the goal of a cure. 
For patients whose chronic bladder infection has not been cured for a long time or has recurred, the detailed and comprehensive urinary examination should be done, obstruction factors should be relieved to control the primary lesion and restore the function of the urinary tract. Urinary retention and cystitis caused by nervous system diseases should be treated according to the type of dysfunction.
Chronic cystitis is often accompanied by stones, deformities or other obstructive factors, which is not pure cystitis. Therefore, the primary problem in the treatment of chronic cystitis is to correct the complex factors of the urinary tract. After the correction of the urinary tract, a longer period of antimicrobial therapy is needed, the specific content can be referred to as the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis.
4. Natural medicine treatment
The treatment of acute and chronic cystitis should be combined with chemical antibiotics and natural medicine, which can play a role in improving the body's immunity. Especially for the treatment of chronic cystitis, natural medicine can achieve a very ideal effect.
The representative natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are optional, its formula contains plantain seed, polygonum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, and other natural herbs. DAP does not only has the functions of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, it can also kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses causing male urogenital system diseases, and it will not produce any drug resistance and side effects, which can be used for long-term consolidation therapy.
Only when we know what causes cystitis, can we know how to choose the treatment depending on the condition. In daily life, we should develop a healthy lifestyle to avoid the occurrence of cystitis. Once you are suffering from this disease, it is advised that you should receive timely treatment, otherwise it will lead to irreversible damage.