Will Patients With Cystitis Have Obvious Low Back Pain?

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Many people have experienced low back pain. The mild one can go away after a few days without treatment.  But some people's backache symptoms will repeatedly relapse, which will affect their daily behaviors and resulting in lower work efficiency, and bring about a lot of psychological pressure on them. 
There are many causes of low back pain. In addition to daily life postures, overworking, muscle strain and other factors, it may also be related to urinary tract infection.
Cystitis is a common urinary system disease, so can the patient with cystitis have obvious low back pain?
Experts point out that cystitis usually won't lead to low back pain. Its symptoms mainly include frequency and urgency of urinating, painful urination and hematuria with different degrees. Only when cystitis bacteria ascend into the ureter and the renal pelvis and cause pyelonephritis can systemic symptoms such as low back pain and fever occur. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and the urethra, which is not associated with lower back pain.
Although cystitis won't cause low back pain, its harm to the human body cannot be ignored.
To women:
1. It can cause abnormal urination. Patients can feel a burning pain in the urethra. In severe cases, it is similar to urinary incontinence, accompanied by frequent and urgent urination.
2. It can cause abnormal urine. The urine may be cloudy and have a putrid odor and pus cells. Sometimes, hematuria will occur at a later stage.
3. It can cause perineal pain. When the bladder is full, the pain in the superior pubic area will be obvious. It can be alleviated after urination.
To men:
1. It can affect male sexual function. Without treatment, cystitis can lead to urinary dysfunction, and even dysuria and uremia, which seriously threaten male kidney function.
2. It can cause a qualitative change of the bladder. Usually, cystitis is an infection of pyogenic bacteria. Its inducements include lithiasis, tumors or obstructive lesions, which can destructively damage the bladder.
3. It will bring about other complications. Physiologically, cystitis can affect the nearby organs, such as prostate gland and seminal vesicle, causing prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis respectively.
4. It may lead to bladder cancer. Notice, the presence of hematuria during defecation may indicate bladder cancer.
5. It may induce tuberculosis. Suppose you had tuberculosis before, and still have irritation in the urethra or abnormal urinary sediments after active antibiotic treatment. In that case, it may be an essential symptom of tuberculosis caused by cystitis.
When you have cystitis, you must be treated promptly. If left untreated for a long time, it will lead to more complications and make it more difficult to cure. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the right choice for both men and women, especially those suffering from chronic cystitis. The pill has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can cure urinary system diseases.
Besides, people with low back pain should pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney. They need a reasonable diet to strengthen their body's nutrition. Always develop good habits and do more exercise, which can promote the recovery of normal kidney function.
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