Why Do Women Suffer From Urinary Tract Infection? Two Factors Need To Be Taken Into Account

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In daily life, some women feel urgent to urinate, accompanied by burning sensation. They sometimes feel falling sensation in the belly, which can affect their daily life and work tasks. In fact, it's all caused by urinary tract infection.
Why are women more likely to get urinary tract infection?

On one hand, women have relatively lower immune system and are more vulnerable to infection than men. Especially, women get old day by day, and their physical strength gets worse and the daily exercise becomes less, which can lead to less secreted hormone.
As a results, these things can affect the body's ability to resist bacterial damage. What's more, women have a natural environment for bacteria to grow massively. In addition, endocrine problems often occur, disrupting the balance of the internal environment. So the phenomenon of urinary tract infection will be gone for a while, and then appear again. It is suggested that women at ordinary times should pay attention to improvement related to the immunity. Strengthening the body resistance can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.
On the other hand, due to the unclean and wrong behaviors after urination or defecation, women can bring bacteria to the private parts. In particular, if the urination times are too many, it will naturally disrupt the balance of bacteria and lead to infection. So women should keep themselves clean after urination or defecation.
However, there are also some women infected with urinary tract infection, which is caused by less water drinking. Because they drink less water at ordinary times, the frequency of urination can be less, and they often choose to hold back urination due to their busy tasks. These behaviors can make the urine circulate in the body many times, which will lead to infection.
Urination is necessary for every one. Don’t hold back the urine too often. In daily life, women should also keep some good habits to make their urination smooth and clean. Drinking more hot water, eating more healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables, and doing more exercise in daily life are beneficial to women to improve their urinary tract infection.
In today’s society, urinary tract infection is a very common problem in both men and women. In addition to the improvement of daily habits, it is also needed to pay more attention to the timely and proper treatment when you are suffering from the infection. Generally speaking, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great option for both men and women. It has a great effect on eliminating infection and improve the urinary symptoms. It is a good treatment for the urogenital system with no side effects.

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