With These Four Symptoms, You May Have Cystitis

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Cystitis is a disease that affects more women than men, but it doesn't mean men don't get it. Men are less likely to suffer from this disease, but they are also the target of cystitis in daily life.
The cause of cystitis is closely related to the external factors. The environment, occupation, urinary tract infection, chronic inflammation, bladder stones and so on are the factors that induce cystitis in daily life.


What symptoms do people who suffer from cystitis have?

1. Urinary tract symptoms
When suffering from cystitis, the urethra during urination will have a burning feeling, which can be accompanied by frequent urination, and urgent urination. In the acute phase, many patients will urinate more than 5 times per hour, but the amount of urine will not necessarily be much. When patients are in the chronic period, it means that the symptoms of frequent urination and urinary pain will exist for a long time.
2. Abnormal urination
Patients with cystitis will have cloudy urine, accompanied by rancid smell, or visible hematuria symptoms, which are often evident in the final stage.
3. Experience of pain
The manifestations are lumbago, perineal pain and suprapubic area pain. If the bladder is full, and there are suprapineal pain, pudendal pain and other symptoms, which can be relieved after urination, it is recommended that you should consider the existence of cystitis.
4. Psychological problems
Due to a variety of symptoms that last for a long time without effective treatment, the patients' mental state will be greatly affected, who are prone to physical fatigue and nerve fatigue. It will lead to irritability, and even cause insomnia and other psychological symptoms.
Effective treatment is always the patient's favorite.
The good news is that you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to better solve your urinary problems and other symptoms caused by cystitis. This is a herbal medicine that can help you solve many problems related to the urinary and reproductive system, including the prostatitis, epididymitis and so on.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is mainly for the male diseases, while for urinary tract infection and cystitis that can occur in both males and females, it can work well on them. Both male and female patients can take the pill to better relieve pain and terminate inflammation. It also leads to no side effects or drug resistance. So more and more patients choose to take the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for their fitness and prevention of diseases.


About prevention of cystitis, there are some tips for you.

1. Always change your underwear, wash your underwear regularly and keep your body clean at ordinary time. Because the underwear is directly in contact with the reproductive organs, it is necessary to pay attention to disinfection on a regular basis,  to avoid the bacteria left on the underwear leading to cystitis.
2. Before the sexual life, both sides should be thoroughly cleaned. Since most bacteria are transmitted through sex, it is important to keep both sides clean before having sexual life, to ensure that they do not get infected through sexual intercourse.
3. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. Drinking plenty of water every day can achieve a detoxification effect and reduce the chance of suffering from cystitis caused by bacterial infections. Experts recommend that you should drink about two liters of water per day.  
4. You should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and melons that can improve the urination. For example, watermelon, pear, melon, grape, pineapple, escargot, corn, mung bean, shepherd's purse, green onion, safflower and other foods can help you relieve the symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination, plus prevent urinary tract infection and cystitis effectively.
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