What is the tingling sensation in the mouth of the urethra when a man urinates?

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Core tip: Male reproductive health is a health problem that men should pay special attention to. Some men feel irritation at the urethral opening when urinating. This may be caused by urinary tract infection or other urinary tract inflammation.
Men’s reproductive health is a health issue that men should pay special attention to. Some men feel irritation at the mouth of the urethra when they urinate. This may be caused by urinary tract infections or other urethral inflammations.
Urethral pain is a common symptom in men. Do not have too much psychological pressure. Most urethral pain is caused by male urethritis, and a few are caused by other diseases.
There are many reasons for urethral orifice pain. Urethral orifice pain is a sign of genitourinary infection, urinary tract irritation, that is, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urinary discomfort and other symptoms. These symptoms are manifested in different degrees in different patients.
Pain at the end of urination and urinary urgency, the lesions are mostly in the bladder, common in acute cystitis. When urination begins, painful urination is obvious, or in patients with dysuria, the lesions are mostly in the urethra, which is common in acute urethritis. Obvious pain at the end of urination, pain after urination, or pain without urination, the lesions are mostly in the urethra or nearby organs.
Male reproductive health
Male urethral pain caused by urethritis, urethritis is mostly caused by bacterial infection, the most common is Escherichia coli, which accounts for the majority of bacterial infections. The pathogenic bacteria that cause urine mainly come from the intestinal tract. The pathogenic bacteria, as well as the conditional pathogenic bacteria that are usually parasitic in the intestine. The bacteria infect the urinary tract at the initial stage, and there are asymptomatic bacteriuria. The pathogen is often Escherichia coli.
For male urethral orifice pain, it is recommended to drink plenty of water in addition to medical treatment, and maintain a daily urine output of more than two thousand milliliters. This will help flush the urinary tract. Avoid spicy and irritating food in the diet.
Male urethritis harms, leading to chronic renal failure: If patients with urethritis are not treated in time, it is easy to become chronic, and severe cases can cause chronic renal failure. According to the latest statistics, 25% of chronic renal failure is caused by urethritis. Can lead to male infertility: The cause is inflammation that causes urethral stricture and obstruction of the urethral orifice. When it spreads to the vas deferens, epididymis, etc., it can lead to fibrous tissue hyperplasia and deformation, which will lead to a decline in male semen quality and lead to infertility. Causes complications such as cystitis: If patients with urethritis are not treated correctly, bacteria hidden in the urethra will enter the urethral recess, paraurethral glands, bulbar urethra, prostate and seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis and testes, and cause bladder Inflammation, prostatitis, paraurethral abscess, urethral fistula, decreased sperm quantity and quality, impotence, premature ejaculation, male infertility, etc.
Urethral orifice pain is a relatively common symptom in men. It usually appears together with other symptoms, mostly caused by urethritis. Of course, this kind of pain can be tingling, dull or dull pain, so male friends should pay attention to it. If you find urethritis, you must go to a regular and professional urological hospital for examination as soon as possible. After the cause is clear, actively cooperate with the doctor to treat it. The most effective method for urethritis.